Pepe Jeans India Engages On Pinterest with ‘Pin It to Win It’

by Vinaya Naidu on June 19, 2022


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Pepe Jeans India seems to be on a roll! The ‘Are you Pepe?’ contest just concluded on Facebook after nearly a month, creating enormous value for the brand. With a strong community of 184, 752 on its Facebook page, Pepe Jeans has been announcing contests on Twitter and Pinterest simultaneously. While the ‘Are you Pepe?’ contest on Facebook was more about attitude and wit, these contests are more about following the brand and spreading their content, than about skill. For example, you could win a Pepe gift voucher worth Rs.500 for just following them on Twitter and re-tweeting their stuff!

About ‘Pin it to win it’ on Pepe Jeans Pinterest page

Similarly, the brand had a contest on their Pinterest page called ‘Pin it to win it’ with a specially designed board of the same name. The ‘Pin it to win it’ board had 9 pins consisting of Pepe apparel. Participants were invited to follow and re-pin whatever they liked, to be able to win. The terms & conditions of the contest had been given in a Facebook Note and the link for it was provided on the Pinterest board. The winners have been announced on the individual pins as well as on the Facebook wall.

Could ‘Pin it to win it’ have been better?

From the looks of it, the fashion apparel brand doesn’t seem to have much of a choice here. With no dedicated India website and blog, the brand seems to have employed Facebook as a rescue. The Pepe Jeans India Facebook page acts as a website distributing required information as well as engaging with its community with the help of contests. Using the Facebook wall and Twitter to announce the Pinterest contest and Facebook Notes for displaying the T & C, seems to be a smart move, but is it enough? The idea about having a Pinterest contest shouldn’t be about running a contest on a new network. Rather it should be about engaging more customers with your brand.

Most ‘Pin it to win it’ contests on Pinterest encourage fans to become regular pinners by visiting their website and pinning a product they have liked. The idea is to let your fans discover your products and in turn create their own boards or pins and spread it among their networks. This way your products could be seen and talked about more. Here is an interesting ‘Pin it to win it’ contest by My Fairytales Books. Note the use of pinners creating personalised boards with the brands products and the hashtag to create conversations around them.

Nevertheless, these are the early days of Pinterest engagement for brands that need visual appeal to sell their products. In that sense, ‘Pin it to win it’ from Pepe Jeans  is a good effort in this direction, where other brands have created static boards. Certainly, we would see more ‘themed’ contests and fan engagement on Pinterest in the coming days.

What are your thoughts on Pepe Jeans ‘Pin it to win it’ initiative? Have you come across an exciting Pinterest campaign as yet?

Vinaya Naidu

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  • Aniketh Dsouza 

    I think asking a fan their addresses and shipping the products directly to them would create more chatter than ever, without any contest! {Surprise Element}

    • Vinaya Naidu

      yeah! Perhaps the brand wanted this…

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