Peopledock, A Social Enterprise Network [Review]

A review of Peopledock, a social enterprise network

If your work place is not fun then clearly you will have some unhappy employees. And in these times, when Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become an integral part of our life, having no access to these networks at workplace is really a pain. But offices do have a point on the security of these networks and the company’s reputation being at stake if they give access to such networks. However, it’s not that people only like Facebook; it’s nature of being open and social is what attracts people. If some other network would be better in replicating real life, Facebook will have to go back to the drawing board.

For offices, special networks were needed  keeping the security aspect in mind, giving rise to ‘Enterprise networks’. But companies have kept a distance from such networks and one such reason was the cultural change. One of the discussion topics last year during the NASSCOMPC was about this cultural change. However with time, this space is also evolving. The market was recently abuzz with the multi billion-dollar deal of Yammer with Microsoft. In India, some of the players that have been working for a while in the same space are KreeoEmee, etc. Recently, I came across one more such product named Peopledock while browsing YourStory. Reading the startup’s pitch, I decided to review it.

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How does Peopledock work?

Peopledock, which is hosted on the cloud, has a neat UI. Post authentication, you would land on a dashboard that has 4 tabs on the top: 1) Activity, 2) Peoplespeak, 3) Bookmarks and 4) Requests.

Activity is a glimpse of your profile along with the day’s calendar and a list of recent updates available. The feature also allows creating events and assigning to people whom you want. View Card is a feature by which you can update your personal and professional details. Along with this, you can also add different networks that will allow you to communicate and share with a respective group of people and Friends is a section that will show your connected people. Peopledock now also provides a feature that allows you to do a group chat among your colleagues.

Peopledock activity

Peoplespeak is similar to the wall of Facebook. This feature not only shows all your activities and of your friends but also allows you to post, add photos, attach articles, add events, add a news task or bug. In addition to this, your friends who have access to the content shared by you can like or comment on it too. The below screen grab shows all the activities performed on the network.

peopledock peoplespeak

Bookmarks and Requests are other two features that give you a list of bookmarked content and list of invitations respectively. However, I faced difficulty to bookmark articles as there was no indication on how to do it and neither the product’s help was working. Besides this you can upload images, files and schedule tasks or bugs to colleagues. Assigning task or bugs is a needed feature that has been added in Peopledock. You can assign task, you can also see tasks assigned to you and along with that people who have access can comment on it. The below screen grab shows how a task is assigned along with the list of task.

peopledock tasks

How cool is Peopledock?

I have spent a good amount of time on the product and find it a simple and effective network to be used by offices. The various reasons that make it an effective product are as follows:

1. The product is simple and easy to use, with no long boring forms to be filled.

2. “Tasks” is a much-required feature in Peopledock.

3. Peopledock also provides you a space of 10 GB on the cloud with a free account.

4. “Settings” is quite elaborate and the user has the required rights to control the network. Both free and paid versions have the same feature and the same settings which is really good to hear.

Besides this, the other features provided by Peopledock are good but most of the networks have them. One of the areas that Peopledock need to do some brainstorming on is the UI. For example, it took me a while to figure out where is the option for adding a new event section.  Besides this, providing a personal message option and building mobile apps could be features that Peopledock should consider.

If you are considering to go for an enterprise network at your work place then you should give a try to Peopledock. You can always drop a message on their Facebook, they are quick in addressing issues.