Penguin India- Genuine Twitter Engagement [Case Study]

Penguin Books India Engages On Twitter is an excellent case study to read and learn. What did you learn?

Twitter marketing is both challenging and fun too. After spending close to two years on Twitter, I understand a bit about its working. Fun since it is a no brainer and challenging because you have to encapsulate your message in 140 characters. The essence of Twitter, “Constraint makes you creative” has always kept me glued to it. So when I saw the Twitter engagement of  Penguin Books India (@penguinindia), I was excited to showcase it as a case study so without talking more let’s start.

Twitter Presence of Penguin Books India

Twitter Account: @penguinindia

Monitoring Period: For a month (Dec, 2011-Jan, 2012)

Monitoring Apps Used: TweetStats, TwitterCounter, Klout (partially) and manual ways.

Analysis Parameters: I analyzed @penguinindia on the below listed factors that will give you a fair good idea how good is it performing in the Twitter world and what are the things that it can still improve upon.

1. Basic Info: The basic info such as the Twitter profiles and the website, etc. are right up there. However adding the Twitter ids of persons who are managing could be great to add a face to the logo. Along with this how about editing the URL and providing the one which lists all the latest additions or bestsellers on the website. The idea is to land tweeps to more engagement while they are on your website.


2. Connecting: With a strong base of more than 8000 fans, I think @penginindia has a great fan following.  In the month we tracked the Twitter account added close to 300 fans with an average of 8 fans per day as shown in the data provided by is not at all bad. What say?

3. Conversing: Twitter is all about content and what you serve to your followers. @peguinindia is doing good and they are mixing it too so that it doesn’t become monotonous. Along with asking interesting questions they are smartly sharing the events that will be loved by the community. [quotetweet tweetid=156703425369866240] Indulging in conversations has been smartly done by @penguinindia. One of the examples of connecting the dots in conversation can be seen in one of the below tweets. It has smartly connected a reader with an author in the conversation. [quotetweet tweetid=154503266124824576] Resolving pain points of customers can be taken to great heights via Twitter and @penguinindia knows it well as seen below in one of the tweets. [quotetweet tweetid=151577812560646144] Undoubtedly, the content is great and the way 140 characters are being placed to followers it is quite appealing. However I would like the frequency to increase more depending on the research when most of its followers are active. In last one month, the average number of tweets had been 3 per day; how about increasing it without compromising the quality? Try it out guys, might help you!

Twitter is a market place and to make you listen to your  followers, sometime you need to talk to influencers in your market. @penguinindia did the same by tweeting about Anupam Kher’s new book and obviously tagging @anupam. Results are below 🙂 smart indeed!

[quotetweet tweetid=156349181248811008]


4. Recommending: Recommending can be by simple ways such as the common #ff but when you are doing it, make sure that you personalize it with your small message. With this retweeting content or blog posts shared by your community will reap benefits and @penguinindia does that too as seen below. However if the frequency of this small gesture increases then it might do wonders. Making a fan feel special by a brand is the simplest way of any form of marketing.


I think @penguinindia is doing some amazing work on Twitter and they should keep the good work going with more zeal.

Your turn guys, what have you learnt from @penguinindia Twitter engagement skills. I like the way they are mixing up things and doing it smartly. What about you, anything that you would suggest them to improve? Go ahead!