Penguin Books India Launches Inked, A Platform To Target Creative Young Adults

In a bid to attract the young Indians aged between 13-21 years the publishing house has launched a creative platform – Inked. We review the creative blog.

Today most of the brands want to target the youth. The open secret is that the youth hold the biggest pie in today’s Indian population. But the struggle lies is finding innovative ways to attract the youth. Penguin Books India,the largest English language trade publisher in the subcontinent is attempting the same. In a bid to attract the young Indians aged between 13-21 years, the publishing house has launched a creative platform – Inked. In addition to this,Penguin India is looking for 5 creative young adults in the country to join their team. (News Source: Medianama)

What is Inked?

The company which is branding Inked as a creative platform is a too big a claim for now. Right now Inked is a creative blog. Nevertheless the portal has some interesting categories that could attract the youth. The site which adopts the cards design or commonly known as the Pinterest design, has categories like The Inked Collection, Featured, Browse, Contests and Are you an Inkster.


The Inked Collection is a section where the publishing house is showcasing the latest books that could attract the young generation. Right now there is a small collection listed out but later the publishing house plans to share all genres. The section on click provides more details on the book and subsequently also provides details about the author. One would say that this is a sales section of the brand since it has a link to buy the book but at the same time if you like a book, chances are that you would like to connect with the author. At least I can see Cathy Ostlere who is the Inked Author of the fiction novel Karma, active in the comments section.

Featured is a section that has the perfect articles that the young brigade would like to read such as a list of music festivals for which the youth should be saving money, etc. Similar sections like Ink Tip, Ink-o-Meter, Inkspiration, etc. could be liked by the young adults.

The blog also holds a section that shares the work from the young minds under the section Inksters. Right now the category is showcasing some amazing work in the form of sketches, paintings from the young minds. One can discuss about the content or share on the popular social networks. In addition to this, the platform is hosting creative contests and #Post2Inked is one such Instagram contest that is asking people to share their lovely Instagram moments.

And after reading this if you feel like being a part of the Inkster community then you can. The creative platform in fact was looking for a bunch of youngsters to join their team but I am informed now that the hunt is over. However my guess would be that the platform will have such initiatives in future.

The platform has also ensured to build a presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page has a fan following of more than 13K fans and has created a Facebook app – Are You an Inkster. On click it takes you to the site, but the contest is over now. The Twitter account has been active too for its 136 followers and is trying to connect with people along with the hashtag #Inksters. However, the Twitter profile can limit the usage of the other variety of hashtags it is circulating on Twitter.

Is Inked good enough to target the young Indians?

Labeling Inked as a creative platform right now is a tall claim. However, it is definitely a creative blog and can target the creative young Indians. The blog has got the right kind of features to motivate young minds. Features like sharing your creative work, taking part in contests and the excitement to be a part of the Inkster gang are great incentives for the young mind to look at it.

But Penguin will have to market the platform extensively and beyond the online platforms to reach out to its target audience that is between 13-21 years old. Going further the platform should bring in more social features which could help it gain some more visibility. Getting more authors on board could be a smart beginning and the social content on Facebook and Twitter needs to be worked upon. I am too old to be called as a young mind but the content on Facebook should focus more on the platform and the work that is being shared on it. Sharing cricket related stuff, or troll comics doesn’t excite me since that is not the objective of Inked’s Facebook page.

Do give Inked a spin and let us know what do you think about the creative blog… err creative platform. And if you fall in the bracket of 13-21 then I would be really interested to know your views as you are the young India.