PayPal payments coming to Facebook Messenger, How Topshop is hacking Snapchat

Global digital news - With Facebook Messenger, PayPal opens up to a potential 1 billion users, 90% of Topshop's Snapchat Stories are viewed to completion, and more

Just 15 months old, Tasty is driving BuzzFeed video: Tasty is not just one of the biggest publishing brands on Facebook; it’s now the driving force behind the BuzzFeed video juggernaut. In September, Tasty’s main Facebook page was the third-biggest video account on Facebook with nearly 1.7 billion video views, according to Tubular Labs.

How Topshop is hacking Snapchat: When it launched on Snapchat early this year, Topshop’s account created content based on the gut instincts of its four-person social team. Now, Topshop delivers a slick daily story that’s crammed full of new products that are available to buy online and in-store. It now finds 90 percent of its Snapchat Stories are viewed to completion.

How Quartz makes sure it’s a global brand: Quartz set out to be a global, mobile-first publication for the business set from the get-go when the Atlantic Media Company launched it in 2012. Today, 47 percent of its audience of 18 million comes from outside the U.S.

Alibaba streams eight-hour shoppable catwalk online featuring Burberry and La Perla: Alibaba ran an eight-hour long catwalk this weekend, with all the looks available to pre-order as part of the video stream, ahead of its annual 11.11 shopping festival. The catwalk show was the first in a series of major marketing events that the Chinese retailer is doing to promote its annual sales event. Over 80 Chinese and international brands were shown over the course of the eight hours, using a total of 200 models.

Facebook employees allegedly tried to delete Donald Trump’s posts but Mark Zuckerberg said censorship was ‘inappropriate’: Donald Trump has apparently provoked debate within Facebook’s walls, with some of the social network’s employees pushing for his updates to be removed on the grounds of “hate speech.” Sources familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that statements made by Trump around immigration were viewed as violating the company’s policy on the matter.

Wieden + Kennedy Has Been Selling ‘Donald Trump’s BS’ Out of a Food Truck in Portland: Fact-checking Donald Trump has been a full-time job for a lot of election observers this year. And Wieden + Kennedy has been doing its part, with a food truck in its hometown of Portland, Ore., that’s been serving “Donald Trump’s BS”—baloney sandwiches, that is, with wrappers that clarify Trump’s remarks on various issues.

Cloud-based app Slack reaches 4 million daily users: The fastest growing business application Slack has reached over four million daily active users worldwide, it was reported today. The cloud-based messaging app, popular among workplaces, has more than 1.25 million customers paying to use the service including high profile companies, such as LinkedIn, eBay, Conde Nast, and EA.

IBM’s Weather Company employs Watson to boost its updated ad targeting platform: The Weather Company has taken another step toward predicting much more than just weather. Now owned by IBM, the company has unveiled an updated and rebranded ad targeting platform called Journeyfx. It uses the analytical skills of IBM’s Jeopardy-winning Watson supercomputer to better predict which users make the best targets for specific kinds of ads, and when is the best time to reach them.

Terry Tate checks Donald Trump in timely throwback to classic Reebok ads: Terry Tate, the fictional office linebacker from Reebok’s famous ads a decade ago about proper behavior, is back to weigh in on the 2016 election. A new clip from Funny or Die features the character, who famously and forcefully disciplined white-collar drones slacking off on the job, doing what he does best—this time, to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

PayPal payments and notifications are coming to Facebook Messenger: PayPal has announced that it’s rolling out as an additional payment option within Facebook Messenger, which currently supports payments via debit cards. With Facebook Messenger on board, this opens PayPal up to a potential one billion users.

Virgin gets a little smutty while discussing the pleasures of train travel: In a pair of risqué ads by TMW, British transport company Virgin Trains is using couples to illustrate why trains are better than cars or planes. In each ad, a couple talks about a good experience on the train; another talks about a bad experience on either of the other transport options. The hook is that you can’t quite tell who is who, and it kinda sounds like they’re all talking about sex.

Twitter’s sales team is taking a hit in big upcoming layoffs: Bloomberg is reporting that the company may cut up to 8% of its staff, or around 300 people, and that the cuts could be announced as soon as this week. As usual these situations are very dynamic, so all of the above could shake out to be different than expected, but we’ve heard plenty of similar rumblings about layoffs for the past few weeks.

How the FT’s Instagram following has exploded in a year: The Financial Times has found an unlikely outlet for its charts and graphics: Instagram. A year ago, it had 40,000 followers to its Instagram account. Now, it’s at 286,000, and it’s adding thousands by the day, according to the publisher. Instagram is not a traffic play, but the FT regularly updates the bio with links to projects it’s trying to promote.