You’ll Never Say ‘Nacho’ After Watching This Hilarious Ad For Parle Mexitos

Parle's maiden 360 degree marketing campaign seeks to make Mexitos a replacement for nachos, just like Bisleri stands for mineral water, Maggi for instant noodles

Mexitos, Parle’s nacho chips brand, gets its very own television commercial following its debut last year. The leading biscuit and confectionary maker had rolled out Mexitos in two flavours: Classic Salted and Salsa Tomatino, looking to capture the nachos demand in the country. The brand has now launched its maiden 360 degree marketing campaign to make ‘Mexitos’ a replacement for ‘nachos’, just like ‘Bisleri’ stands for mineral water, Maggi for instant noodles.

At the center of the campaign is a quirky commercial conceptualized by Thoughtshop Advertising which certainly makes for a fun, memorable watch, and makes you think twice before you utter the word ‘nacho’ again!

Set in a college, the ad shows a group of students seated on the staircase, whiling away their time, there’s a packet of Mexitos in one of the student’s bag. Their professor happens to pass by, but it is not his day at all. He spots the Mexitos, feels tempted and calls out to the girl student, ‘Zara nacho’ with the intention to have some nachos. But, she thinks he’s asking her to dance!

As she begins to dance in front of the staircase, in not any style but the belly dance, a crowd of students gather to take videos. The video goes viral and the professor is defamed. There is media coverage, his little son mocks him and leaves home along with his mother. Whats more, he ends up in jail too!

Just then the voiceover tells us – “nacho nahi, bolo Mexitos.”

The digital front is being taken care of by a microsite which features a friendly Mexican guy named Pedro. When you click on Mexitos Nacho chips, you can choose either of the two flavours: Classic Salted or Salsa Tomatino to know about the best dips that would go with them. Yes, these are nachos, not just any chips, you need dips to have them with. Salsa Tomatino is best had with sour cream, thousand island dressing and cheese dip, while Classic Salted is best with Chipotle Southwest sauce, Mexican tomato sauce and Salsa dip.

If you are unaware of the making of these dips, there’s help. The brand has made recipe videos for each of them, along with the text recipe. Here’s a simple recipe to make cheese dip at home:

An easy and quick mayonnaise based dip called ‘Thousand Island Dressing’:

The ‘Nacho dips’ section brings up an array of dips, each of which can be made with the given recipe. In case you are an expert in making dips, you too can contribute for a chance to win prizes. ‘Make Pedro flip’ section lets you share your own dip recipes in image or video format along with your name, email id and contact number.

The brand is yet to make its social media debut, apparently. The Facebook logo at the bottom of the microsite opens another instance of the microsite and not a Facebook page. However, on further search we were able to find a Mexitos Facebook page which is being treated like a step daughter.

A dramatic entry with immense scope on social media

The commercial makes for a memorable watch with its strong humour quotient. The microsite is designed well, looks cheerful and inviting enough to make you navigate and know more, simply because of Pedro. The best part of the microsite is the recipe section for the various dips that go with nachos. Showcasing a Mexican snack food to be had with dips adds authenticity to Parle Mexitos, while generating interest in the new product category. Moreover, making additional short video recipes for each of the dips is a winner in this video-centric age. Engaging consumers with the dip recipe contest is a good addition to the launch campaign.

There’s immense scope in social media for Mexitos; as on the microsite, Pedro can engage with folks in his language and that funny tone. There can be stories of nachos, stories of Pedro making Mexitos, and visuals and gifs starring Pedro, our hero. There can be a tie-up with food bloggers to come up with fusion recipes of their own. I’m hoping, these are in the pipeline.

For now the launch campaign is only looking to change the perception of nachos, but that’s going to be an uphill task with other chip makers around, and of course Mexican food joints with readymade nacho dips.