Parle Unveils The Story Of Café Cuba In New TVC, Website Tells Story In MS DOS Style

The coffee revolution campaign by Parle for Cafe Cuba, India's first coffee-flavoured fizz drink launches a TVC accompanied with a MS DOS style storytelling on a website.

Café Cuba is finally here and how. Following a sensational debut last September, Café Cuba , the country’s very first coffee flavoured carbonated beverage by Parle Agro was introduced through digital and social media by a friendly Cuban guy. While the stage was set last year itself where consumers were invited to taste Cuba, this time around the brand has sought to create a unique ‘coffee revolution’ that will span across television, print and online media.

Despite having created a coffee-flavoured fizz drink completely in-house, the Cafe Cuba campaign has an interesting story about the birth of the drink. And it is told via a unique MS DOS-type interface, complete with the command prompt and all. Head on to the Cafe Cuba website to experience it yourself.

Welcoming the user as a ‘Comrade’, the site tells him that a revolution is brewing and to know all about it, he needed to type the required alphabet and press the Enter key. Cool! This one took me back to the days of the unglamorous DOS based system, where every input was by the keyboard.

I went along with the instructions and there the star logo was formed completely from keyboard characters to continue showering with messages of ‘Welcome to the coffee revolution’ and then the text: “Our revolution began with a bunch of comrades who defied the norms. This is their story.

Animated figures created from keyboard characters and text help describe the story behind the birth of Cuba. Tired of growing up in a world without choices and living like puppets, a few of them chose to rebel against the ‘red, blue and white’ giants of the world that were telling them what to drink. The word ‘COLA’ also forms a part of the story. The underground rebels mix roasted coffee beans in fizz to create the new drink, signifying the birth of a revolution against COLA.

Next you need to type enter to watch the TVC. The story is now illustrated in a two-and-a-half minute video, that ends with the rebels changing the neon sign on a cola building to that of ‘Tasted Cuba yet?

Interestingly, the site then prompts you to type letters as per what you want to do. For example, you can type ‘F’ to share the coffee revolution on Facebook or ‘T’ to share on Twitter. You can choose to watch the Coffee revolution film again with ‘R’ or the Cuba underground story with ‘P’. I typed P to watch the animated illustrations once again.

The coffee revolution on social

Social media is mainly driving the community to the website; it is being shared on the brand’s social media pages. Cafe Cuba’s 85K fans strong Facebook page has a brand new cover photo and wall updates talking about the MS DOS style story. The Cuban Guy on Twitter is at his chirpy best chatting up with people and inviting them to experience and join the coffee revolution. While most of the users have loved the website, many haven’t tasted Cuba yet. The Cuban guy takes your name and address and promises to give you a taste of the new drink. I remember him taking details last year but then nobody sent us any Cafe Cuba and we’re still waiting!

The tone of communication is still intact with the Cuban English and the greetings. Something that I’d liked about this new brand personality.

Connecting with the TG

Storytelling always manages to retain the freshness around a brand. With Parle Agro embarking on a new terrain dominated by cola drinks, the storytelling had to be a revolutionary one for Cafe Cuba. And what can be more revolutionary than the terminal style storytelling. Further from being unique and creative, it even gets interactive for a user. And then the introduction of an equally revolutionary TVC, signifies the brand ready to take on the colas in the market as well as connect with its target consumer.

The well-integrated approach needs to be in sync with the marketing efforts though. Most of us are not getting any Cafe Cuba to taste yet.

Nonetheless, the virtual revolution has sure brewed up my expectations from this brand’s creative team, can’t wait to see what’s next. Also, the season is just right for a coffee-flavoured fizz drink, what do you say amigos?