Park Avenue Deodorants Promise Only Freshness In This Hilarious TVC

Park Avenue's latest campaign has Farhan Akhtar as the face of the brand, who promises all day freshness in the hilarious TVC

Deodorants are one too many in the market with every brand looking to stand out from the shelves. While brand recall plays a major role in decision making at the store shelf, too much of stereotype deo advertising could also put you off them. So when a plethora of deodorants for men claim to ‘get you the women’ often dressed in barely-there clothes, one deodorant brand is promising you long lasting freshness.

For Park Avenue’s new range of deodorants, the brand has roped in acclaimed actor & director, Farhan Akhtar as the new face of the brand to tell us about its ‘Freshness Lock Technology’ achieved by its anti-bacterial property and fragrant oils. Conceptualized by Publicis, the television commercial is a hilarious take on losing out on freshness by the end of the day.

Two excited guys meet at the office and make plans to watch a cricket match at the stadium after work. But by 6 pm, both the guys who were young in the morning, turn into greying old men with no energy to make it to the stadium. Instead they plan to watch the match on their respective televisions.

Farhan steps in to talk about the new Park Avenue deos and their full day freshness. The ad ends with a fresh Farhan enjoying the match at the stadium, while the narrative shares the tagline “Always fresh. Always on”.


The brand used its social media presence to create some buzz prior to the big reveal. It launched the #FreshFace contest asking people to guess the new face of the brand with the help of blurred visuals and clues.

Freshness mixed with some humour is taking over deodorant advertising the world over. While all may not be able to match the success of Old Spice when it created viral history with the Old spice Man suggesting to women that he is the man their man could smell like, deodorants for men are increasingly getting funnier in their advertising. Back home, Old Spice India roped in Milind Soman as the ‘Mantastic Man’ who had finally found the deodorant that made him smell like a man.

Park Avenue’s ‘freshness’ proposition together with the new brand ambassador, does make it stand apart, though the social media buzz for the launch doesn’t really stand out. It is common practice to share blurred images of the celebrity and ask fans to guess them correctly. Park Avenue Grooming could certainly add some freshness into social media.