The New Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Is Suggesting Men To Get A Gorilla Massage

Bringing alive the brand's new positioning "Cheers to strong hair!, Park Avenue Beer Shampoo ad is endorsing a head massage by a gorilla


What’s the gold standard to measure the strength of your hair? Being able to pull a 500 ton truck with it. Or getting a 500 ton gorilla to give you a head massage. The ‘Gorilla massage’ looks like a better technique and completely doable. When the massive mammal gives a gentle pull to your hair, and it is still miraculously intact, you know the roots have been truly strengthened and the head massage was totally worth it.

That’s the premise adopted for the new beer shampoo launch campaign by Park Avenue. Enriched with the power of barley and hops, the brand’s new positioning is now “Cheers to strong hair!”, a nod to the universally sought after benefits from a shampoo. Apart from the beer’s conditioning effects, there’s also strengthening provided by the barley and hops in the new beer shampoo. So, even when a gorilla is giving you a head massage, your hair won’t come off because of all the strengthening ingredients in your beer shampoo.

To demonstrate the same, a TV commercial, conceptualized and executed by Publicis Ambience, takes us to the jungle where the protagonist – a corporate guy looking to get really strong hair – meets his favourite head massage guy – an enormous Gorilla.

He says he ventures out in the greens often for a break from his corporate life. But, more than a break, it’s the Gorilla Massage that he looks forward to. Next you see this big gorilla give the man a head massage, complete with the pull of the hair and the tilt of the neck. Our corporate guy loves this and is seen having the time of his life. He suggests the viewer that they should not miss the opportunity of getting a Gorilla massage ever, and for this they need really strong hair. He then talks about the new Park Avenue Beer Shampoo with the power of barley and hops.

Apart from sharing the ad, the social media pages of the brand are sharing some regular shampoo ad visuals with more hashtags than necessary. The idea is to only focus on the new positioning of ‘Cheers to strong hair!.

Marketing to men

Back in 2014 when the idea of social media marketing began with and ended on Facebook, and every other brand invested in developing a Facebook app for growing their page ‘likes’, and engagement, Park Avenue had launched a Facebook app called ‘Happy Hair’ for its new beer shampoo. Participants needed to share a picture of their shiny, bouncy hair with Park Avenue Beer shampoo, and write a cool slogan to win exciting prizes. Another app called ‘Beer Shampoo’ was created to look like a Facebook page itself with clickable apps; this app talked about the product.

This time, the focus is clearly on the product benefits and the added ingredients that also strengthen the hair. Suggesting people to get a gorilla massage as if its the most amazing experience in the world, is a quirky way to bring out the strength proposition in the shampoo. Maybe, out-of-the-box quirky goes when it’s about marketing to men and appealing to their body grooming needs.

The social media channels of the brand do need a massage though. They could get rid of the hashtags and bring in more of that gorilla to add some life.