#KhulKeKheloHoli - Parachute Advansed Nails It This Holi With The Perfect Long Format Film

The product has been so seamlessly woven into the story that a viewer does not realize what they've been watching is an ad, and not a Shubha Mudgal holi video

Spring is in the air and the country is warming up to the much awaited festival of colours, Holi. Folks employed in big cities are leaving for home, families living in different parts of the city are planning on a holi get-together, every body is getting prepared with colours, pichkari, bhang and a big day of fun with family. There will be a burst of colours, dancing to traditional holi songs, eating traditional holi sweets, and losing oneself to bhang, not to mention the unbridled smearing of colours on one another, while soaking wet!

But, is holi all about rang, bhang and pichkari alone?

Holi is about togetherness, holi is about families bonding, holi is about bringing alive the child in you, holi is about letting go of all your inhibitions and playing away with colours like no one’s watching!

Now, one brand has managed to capture the very essence of Holi into a beautiful long format digital film called #KhulKeKheloHoli. Parachute Advansed, the hair oil brand from Marico has rolled out this memorable 3-minute film conceptualised by McCann Erickson.

Set in an old age home that is being visited by some youngsters looking to celebrate holi with the old people there, the film follows this one old guy with a child-like joy in his eyes. He begins by grabbing some colours with both his hands and enters the ground to find other folks to play with.

The young people arrive smearing colour on each other but when they come to him, all they put is a tikka on his forehead and a sweet in his mouth. Disheartened, he looks down; the colours are still in his hand. A woman who has been keenly watching him all this while, is the only one who sensed this. She had been oiling her hair with Parachute oil earlier, prepping up for a day of holi when he was piling up colours.

She walks up to him now and smears his entire face with colours, while onlookers are shocked. She offers to explain: holi hai bhai…chutki bhar se kya hoga. The man is overjoyed and then begins a holi celebration like no other, the young and the old full of unbridled joy, dancing and colours.

At the end a bottle of Parachute Advansed is displayed on the screen alongside the central message: #KhulKeKheloHoli. All throughout the video is an amazing soundtrack by Shubha Mudgal that captures the joys of spring, and the range of emotions it brings about in people.

The video uploaded on YouTube has garnered only 250K plus views whereas the Facebook video shows 2.1 million views, probably due to its auto-play feature. The video has also been run as a Promoted Tweet on Twitter.

On social engagement, the brand has invited Dubsmash videos, users can share their dubsmashed holi song videos for a chance to win prizes. There’s also a blogging contest asking people to share stories of their childhood holi festival celebrations. Additionally, an army of Twitter influencers have been sharing the video with their follower base.

Good storytelling meets great execution

The brand connect here is just made for each other, remember how we oil our hair to save it from the chemicals in the colour. Parachute Advansed had the connect, found the right theme of holi and got it brilliantly executed for a long format ad. The length is just right, not too long to get you bored, neither too short that it gets over even before it starts growing on you. Also, there’s not too much talk of the product, the story is always in focus, and stays with you even after you’ve finished watching it.

In fact the product has been so seamlessly woven into the story that a viewer does not realize what they’ve been watching is an advertisement, and not a Shubha Mudgal holi video!

Social and digital media amplification with the digital film at the core has been picking up momentum, looks like Parachute Advansed is going to own the festival of Holi this year. It’s been driving only positive sentiments on social media.