#ArtOfOiling: Parachute Advansed Brings The Ancient Art of Oiling To The Digital World Through DIY Videos

Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre and Head Massage Expert Moses Chundi launch a signature line of DIY massage videos through a digitally led campaign - #ArtofOiling

Parachute Advansed Art of oiling

Growing up in India is a memorable experience, especially for the oil massages. Be it the newborns or the elders in the family, an oil massage is the usual practice in most Indian homes. And a head massage with oil, commonly called a ‘champi’ is what most of us crave for. Not only is it hugely relaxing and a great stress reliever, it also leads to better blood circulation and healthy hair. But this ancient art of oiling or champi if you may, has been fading slowly.

Parachute Advansed, the coconut hair oil brand from Marico is working to keep this art alive through the Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre (PAKC). PAKC has recently launched the ‘Art of Oiling’ that unravels a whole new avatar of oiling, in collaboration with Moses Chundi, a renownded massage expert and the Director of London Centre of Indian Champissage (LCIC).

The initiative involves spreading awareness on the ‘Art of Oiling’ through a signature line of quick, fun and exciting Do-It-Yourself head massages created by Moses. The brand has launched a series of activities on digital and social media along with a website to spread awareness on this ancient art.

Art of Oiling goes digital

The campaign is supported by a website - ‘Art of Oiling’ that forms a repository of the signature DIY videos along with information on the initiative. Viewers have options to share on Facebook and Twitter. In the DIY videos Moses Chundi demonstrates his simple and quick massage techniques to brand ambassador and Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri.

In this 9-minute video titled ‘Art of Facial Glow’, Moses and Nargis take the viewer through a series of steps for a quick facial glow:

Apart from ‘Art of Facial Glow’, there is the ‘Art of Instant Energy’ and the ‘Art of Office De-stressing’ DIY videos on the website. The ‘Art of Bridal Beauty’ DIY video will soon be launched for brides-to-be.

The #ArtofOiling DIY videos were launched with a huge bloggers event, where Nargis Fakhri and Moses Chundi demonstrated the simple and quick massage techniques developed by him. These bloggers further spread the word through tweeting and blogging about the event and the art of oiling. These blogs have been featured on the website and can be accessed at the ‘Live feed’ section. They are also being shared with the brand’s Facebook and Twitter community along with the DIY videos.

Along with a blogger outreach program, the brand also leveraged social media for a fun engagement with the community and for promoting the videos. The idea is to create conversations around de-stressing, energising and relaxation among consumers and associate the hashtag #ArtOfOiling with it.

The Parachute Advansed Facebook page, along with sharing images from the launch event and the website link, is also making it fun for its 700K+ fans by way of contests. Fans have been invited to share fun ways to spend a cancelled Monday, weird beauty tips, ways to boost energy under 10 minutes and more. Here’s a collage of the visuals created for them:

Parachute Advansed Facebook visuals

Also, Twitter has been used to promote the campaign hashtag #ArtOfOiling with a similar variety of fun contests where the Parachute Advansed Twitter handle is engaging users as well as creating conversations around relaxation, while hashtagging the #ArtOfOiling.

From champi to the #ArtOfOiling

Everyone loves a good champi! Come weekends and the first thing most girls and women look forward to is a good beautifying regime at home that is not complete without an oil champi. Parachute Advansed, a brand that has always been associated with head oil massages or champis has now evolved to reach out to a wider target group through its ‘Art of Oiling’ DIY videos campaign.

Demonstrating simple massage techniques through do-it-yourself videos and spreading awareness through digital and social media helps the art go mainstream. Additionally, by creating specialised DIY videos for varied consumer sections like office-goers and brides-to-be, Parachute Advansed has managed to not only revive massage techniques and establish its brand identity, but also helped create an altogether new consumer segment.

Along with an appealing design on the website, the social media engagement has made for a fun and informative user experience. With the hashtag #ArtofOiling getting tied up with de-stressing, energising and relaxation, Parachute Advansed has managed to establish itself as an evolved hair oil brand for the new age consumer.