How Paper Boat Is Building Its Brand One Story At A Time On Instagram

The Paper Boat Instagram page is a treat to the eyes with its combination of cute doodles, two lovely puppies, little visual stories and childhood memories

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Childhood memories are never complete without a paper boat story. Come rains and we all looked happily at the little streams of rain water flowing near our homes, so we could sail our paper boats till the end of it. Most of us have grown up sailing a little paper boat across puddles every monsoon, so it’s kind of childhood nostalgia when you hear about Paper Boat, the traditional Indian drinks brand from Gurgaon based Hector Beverages.

The young brand is already making waves with its homely flavours like Aam panna, Imli ka amlana, Golgappe ka pani, and more, adding to its ever nostalgic array of instant traditional drinks made without artificial preservatives. A brand that reflects childhood memories as well as hygienic packaging, has many stories to tell and many mediums to explore in these digital times. One glance into the social media properties of Paper Boat and you would be pleased to see the brand weaving its image one story at a time.

The Paper Boat Instagram page, for instance, is a treat to the eyes as well as a heady trip down our childhood days. A combination of cute doodles, two lovely puppies called Hector and Beverages, little visual stories around the brand and childhood memories tell the Paper Boat story.

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While Instagram as a social network, is only an experiment for most brands present on the medium, fortunately, it is not so for Paper Boat. “Instagram is a brilliant platform for people who love beauty, goodness and stunning creativity. It is not restrictive and allows for one to explore and be free spirited. We thought we should let the world know more about us and discover our consumers. The platform has helped us reach out to so many consumers who love our product and gives us a chance to interact with them, which is wonderful,” shares Neeraj Kakkar, Founder & CEO on why the brand takes Instagram seriously.

Presently, the brand’s Instagram page has 829 followers with 103 posts. Posts offer a peek into what goes on in the HQ in Bangalore, the factory and these aren’t boring at all.  The two puppies in the office, aptly named Hector & Beverages, also play a key role in bringing consumers closer to the brand. Some of the Instagram posts document their stories, and as Neeraj says, are the most fun of all the posts they come up with.  Drinks have been showcased around its many memories.

These complex machines package #paperboatdrinks

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Our PRO ( Puppy relations officer). Loves eating mud. We don’t mind at all. #paperboatdrinks

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“We believe in homegrown art, visuals, ideas and creativity that comes out organically, In-house design and ideas with a primary focus on our range of products in every post has been our mantra, “ he says on the content thought process for Instagram. The page is not only about visuals, but also videos that capture the essence of childhood. It reminds us of the games we played as kids or the things we did in those days, that we’ve almost forgotten.

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“Paper Boat, essentially, strives to not be cynical and remind ourselves and people who know us, that life is still beautiful. There is still beauty around us if we stop and look at them. As kids, we were always in wonderment and awe of the world around us, be it playing games with friends, hidden treasures of nature or general relationship with people.”

The in-house design team works specifically with Instagram in mind. Although the brand essence of childhood and nostalgia is reflected in all its communication across other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram still holds a special place for Paper Boat; a new visual is created every day for its Instagram page which is unique in itself. “We just feel there is so much more to show on Instagram.”

Instagram is indeed a lovely medium to showcase your brand story with the help of visuals and videos, provided you stick to the objective of bringing consumers closer to your brand. Paper Boat has hit the nail on its head when it comes to leveraging Instagram for reaching out to its consumers in a meaningful way. The road ahead is a promising one; there are ideas for co-creating content with the fans while the process of discovery with every post is an ever evolving one.