Paper Boat Takes You Back To Childhood For New Anar Flavour

For new anar flavour, Paper Boat drinks takes a viewer back in time to when he/she relished on anar dana given by their elders, in a series of TVCs

Pomegranates are a big deal. If one was able to skilfully cut open a pomegranate and deseed them, the person earned everybody’s respect. For the others who could only look on helplessly while the anar seeds came off their enclosure onto bowls of shiny red gems, there’s help. Paper Boat, traditional Indian drinks brand from Hector Beverages has rolled out a new ‘anar’ flavour.

For a brand that’s named Paper Boat and tag lined ‘Drinks & Memories’, its communication is centred around the childhood memories associated with the drink. The brand plays on all things childhood in each of its content pieces on social media.

For the new flavour, Paper Boat has rolled out two TVCs, each with adults going back into their childhood, to when they relished having anar dana given by their elders. Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, the new TVCs are powered with lyrics by Swanand Kirkire, matching its debut campaign which had lyrics from Gulzar and the soundtrack of Malgudi Days.

One of the ad, Dadi’s Magic Trick begins with a grown up guy looking at his anar-flavoured Paper Boat and reminiscing about his childhood days when he struggled to cut open one. And that’s when his dadi does the needful so he could enjoy eating the pomegranate seeds. Back to present time, he is seen gulping down the Paper Boat happily.

Throughout there’s beautiful lyrics by Swanand and music inspired by Malgudi Days. The poetry, incorporating a paper boat, goes like, “Kaagaz ki kashti mein, sair kar aya, main bachpan mein ja ke, kudh se mil aya”.


In ‘Waiting for Ma’, there’s this little girl looking on greedily as her mother deseeds a pomegranate. When the mother forbids her to eat them right away and wait till the whole fruit is deseeded, she takes away the bowl with a smile and pops a mouthful of the seeds into her mouth, making her mother laugh.

The scene is cut to present time where a grown up girl is gulping down her anar-flavoured Paper Boat while reminiscing her childhood experience with the fruit. The lyrics now go like, “Kaagaz ki kashti mein, sair kar ayi, main bachpan mein ja ke, kudh se mil ayi”.


The brand’s social media pages are sharing the TVCs as well as continuing its journey of reviving childhood memories. Visuals depict the little things that defined our school days - rubbing the blackboard clean, kneeling down outside classroom, getting sketch colour all over our fingers, etc.

Riding on the beauty of a ‘Kaagaz ki kashti

Paper Boat does what it is good at - taking its consumers back to their childhood. Moreover, weaving in a paper boat in its poetic lyrics is a memorable way to include the brand and facilitate brand recall. “Kaagaz ki kashti mein, sair kar aya, main bachpan mein ja ke, kudh se mil aya” not only sounds pleasing to the ears but also manages to trigger some childhood memories in the viewer too.

The brand’s television commercials are backed by a strong visual story on digital. Paper Boat’s social media properties are a delight to follow, with most content being designed around its brand promise of ‘Drinks & Memories’. The new TVCs will not only boost its Anar sales,  but also carry forward its legacy of traditional Indian drinks associated with your childhood. It’s also building a brand with each new communication, given that Paper Boat faces competition from other traditional drink makers.