Pantene Creates Parody On Beauty Ads For Its New Campaign #ProofNotPromises With #BeautyGraveyard

Pantene India has launched a parody video on beauty ads and their baseless claims called 'Shit promises they make' featuring comedian Aditi Mittal, for its new campaign 'Proof not promises'

Pantene beautygraveyard

After watching this one hell of a video, I glanced through my dressing table and realisation sunk in. Most of the beauty products I’ve been using or have actually stopped using without realising it, have made tall claims to convince me to purchase them.

Claims aside, most are useless any which ways and should have been disposed off long back – the ultra sticky lip gloss from brand x that stuck on to almost everything like glue, the 24-hour deodorant that only brought on scrunched up noses, the kohl pencil that ended up giving me dark circles, etc. There’s more in the bathroom – shampoos that promised smooth hair but ended up giving me bad hair days and conditioners that never conditioned anything.

I did indeed have a #BeautyGraveyard in my home!

Beauty care products offer near-magical solutions to their customers’ problems, and we’ve been lapping these up without really putting our minds onto it. The ads for these beauty products feature leading actresses often talking about how using this particular anti-ageing cream has retained her youth all these years. Say goodbye to getting younger under the knife!

In that sense, hair care brand, Pantene’s new campaign ‘Proof not promises’ featuring brand ambassador Parineeti Chopra, is something one will tend to sit up and take note of. Especially, for its shoulder content video created for digital – ‘SHIT beauty promises they make’.

In collaboration with Culture Machine, a company that specialises in digital videos, this campaign video features the very witty stand-up comedian, Aditi Mittal who is also an actress and a teacher, apart from being one of the upcoming artistes from the talent storehouse at Culture Machine.

In the nearly 2-minute video, Aditi takes us on a satirical journey across beauty brand claims from the unbelievable to the absolute bizarre.

Aditi represents the modern day woman who is tired of all her cosmetics because of their far-fetched assurances. Further, she is seen dealing with the consequences of her much loved make up products. We see instances in which her ‘16hrs long stay’ lipstick gets smeared on her burger, she struggles with the same old shampoo to avoid split ends and not being able to get rid of the kohl in her eyes because it says ‘smudge-free’. These products eventually end up going into a #BeautyGraveyard in her house.

Aditi is then seen, urging the viewer to share pictures of the beauty graveyard in their homes, with Pantene India’s Facebook page, for a chance to win hair care hampers from the brand. It leaves the viewer with the campaign message ‘Stand for proof and not false promises’.

Pantene India’s social media pages are actively engaging fans to give up all those useless beauty products, while also promoting its new campaign ‘Proof not promises’.

The Pantene India Facebook page will be hosting a live Q&A with Parineeti, the face of the brand, on the 17th of September, where fans can ask her questions related to Pantene proof, the brand’s latest claim to healthy hair. Besides, ‘SHIT beauty promises they make’ is also being shared while inviting fans to share their pictures in the post comments.

On Twitter, Pantene has been creating conversations around the hashtag #BeautyGraveyard, along with sharing the hilarious video. The brand has also roped in influential style and makeup bloggers to spread the word.

A different take!

Pantene is skating on thin ice in its new campaign ‘Proof not promises’. The hair care brand, that is equally guilty of making ‘tall claims’ in its shampoo ads, has now taken a bold route to stand apart from regular shampoos, by making a parody of baseless beauty ads. In a way, Pantene seems to be saying ‘This is it’ for all women with hair woes; Pantene Proof is the end to all hair problems and marks the graveyard for other shampoos. Quite a bold and different take than the usual marketing gimmicks!

Personally, I’m impressed with the hilarious satire video by an established comedian like Aditi Mittal. It adds to the campaign’s social sharing factor and thus its visibility. It also connects well with the social savvy, digitally connected audience that enjoys watching and sharing funny videos with their friends and family. Creating conversations around the story and giving away product hampers to women who participate with pictures of their own #BeautyGraveyard, adds to its engagement on social media.

The first leg of the campaign has created a fun connect with consumers, it remains to be seen what more is in store as part of this innovative campaign.