Pantene India Promotes Its Improved Formula With A #HairDare Challenge

Review of Pantene India's #HairDare campaign for the promotions of its new improved shampoo. Users could dare Pantene while brand ambassadors took the hair dare challenges

Hair care brand, Pantene has been on an extensive campaign for the promotions of its new and improved Pantene Pro V that claims to give your hair upto 100% damage protection. It started with a challenge thrown by Pantene brand ambassador and actress, Shilpa Shetty to actresses Yami Gautam, Rituparna Sengupta and Mahie Gill, who after taking the challenge, claim to be free from hair worries. The three actresses then took the challenge to the consumers, inviting them to take the dare. The dares have been around how the new Pantene protects your hair from the sun, or while you are swimming or getting them coloured.

Girls who challenged Pantene to a hair dare got the chance to meet the actresses, while the rest of them received brand gift hampers. The promotional campaign spread the ‘hair dare’ challenge through the social media route. From creating the ‘Pantene Challenge Song’ to the hair dare website and contests on Facebook and Twitter, Pantene sought to create awareness and encourage product trials of the new shampoo.

Here’s the Pantene Challenge Song showing girls singing about their hair problems, while a girl with perfectly groomed hair joins them to talk about what Pantene did to her hair. The ad film encourages the viewer to take the challenge at the Pantene hair dare website. This video has Yami Gautam take on a swimmer’s challenge to Pantene. The dare has Yami and the swimmer exchange their shampoos without their knowledge, so the swimmer gets undamaged hair at the end of the challenge, by using Yami’s Pantene shampoo.

The website leads you to the ‘#HairDare Challenge’ application on the Pantene India Facebook page. You can challenge Pantene to a hair dare and also read the dares shared by others. The app claims around 1180 people have dared Pantene.


Hair dare contests were held on Twitter where participants were invited to challenge Pantene to a hair dare. Hair dares could be about anything from experimenting with hair to what hair worries the users faced daily. One had to tag the brand’s Twitter handle along with the hashtag #HairDare in their tweets.

Hair dares to communicate the new

While FMCG brands are almost always making tall claims, in the cluttered space of shampoos, brands are striving hard to get themselves heard. Pantene’s ‘#HairDare challenge’ comes across as a smart cry to get women to use it, by demonstrating its improved efficacy rather than informing about it.

By getting celebrities to take on consumers’ challenges, Pantene has tried to build a bond with them, but it isn’t clear which girls get to meet them. Although the hair dares might not be believable stories, the gimmick works in creating a buzz. In the past, we’ve seen quite a few Indian brands leverage storytelling to promote their new shampoos.

The use of social media seems to be a decent one though. The successful product challenges demonstrated through YouTube videos, while the Facebook app became a platform for hair dares and Twitter created the buzz. With ‘HairDare challenge’, Pantene has sought to connect with all women who are concerned about hair damage.