Updated: Palghar Teenager Detained For Facebook Post Against Raj Thackeray

Another teenager from Palghar detained for abusive post on Facebook against Raj Thackeray.

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Update(12:22 P.M.): Sunil Vishwakarma, the teenager who was detained yesterday has been released today morning according to reports from NDTV. The investigators have not pressed any charges against the kid. The initial investigations reveal that the Facebook account was either hacked or a fake account was created and derogatory content was posted about Raj Thackeray and Maharashtrians. The kid is back home.

Parents in Palghar must be terrorized by the new headache that Facebook has created for them. Poor fellows must have issued a strict warning to their young blood that no more socializing on Facebook. But the youth of India seem to have found a wider platform on Facebook to express their views. However, not everyone seems to understand the platform.

According to the latest news, Palghar is once again in media and this time it is not about girls, it is about a teenage guy insulting a political figure of Maharashtra. 19-year-old Palghar resident, Sunil Vishwakarma was arrested for posting ‘abusive’ comments against Raj Thackeray on his Facebook page, according to this Indian Express report.

However, the content posted by him on Facebook as well as who complained about the post is not clear. But the police has been cautious in handling this case unlike the case of  Shaheen Dhada and  Rinu Srinivasan. Both the girls were arrested earlier for posting a comment on Facebook that Mumbai should not have shut down on account of Bal Thackeray‘s death. The entire episode turned out murky since the police under political pressure took the girls in custody under section 66-A, a law that is being highly criticized in the way it is being used.

So it remains to be watched what happens with the teenager and under what charges is he detained. The future is about social media but how adapted are our officials and governments?

Image courtesy: economictimes.indiatimes.com