1. Vodafone Red Light:Vodafone worked with Y&R Team Red, Istanbul to create an app that when shaken would alert a message and location to three contacts, requesting assistance. The challenge was to bring the app to the attention of women in domestic violence situations, without alerting their abusive partners.

2. Dr Pepper Crosses All Platforms with Social Media Influencers:Dr Pepper is going all-in for its first influencer marketing campaign to promote Lip Sync Battle. The soft drink company is promoting the show across as many platforms as possible, rather than confining content to the platforms where specific influencers are most popular.

3. ShopStyle brings e-commerce to Snapchat, with an assist from influencers:Click-to-buy buttons are popping up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feeds; now, Snapchat has signaled how it will be looking to tie in e-commerce. But just like explaining to your Gen X managers how the photo-disappearing app works, there’s going to be a learning curve.

4. Crocs Bets Big on Interactive Twitter Videos With ‘Funway Runway’ Effort Leans heavily on the social platform:Working with agency McKinney, the brand has partnered with Twitter to create a feature that will let consumers pick a pair of shoes and some clothes—everything from sundresses and seersucker suits to hotdog-themed costumes—for a fashion model of their choice to wear while going down a waterslide.

5. You Scream, I Scream, We All Tweet For Ice Cream:Good Humor — known for its old-school, wholesome image — is trying to put a little swag in its game as it updates for the digital age. The brand, which permanently parked its iconic fleet of ice cream trucks nearly 40 years ago, is hitting the road again for a sampling tour. But fans will be asked to follow Twitter rather than chase the classic clang of ice cream truck bells to get their sweet fix.

6. Dentyne Joins the Food Truck Craze With Its ‘Follow Food Truck':This summer, Dentyne is building upon its#FollowFood social campaign, which highlights the advantages of following food with the breath-freshening gum, by launching its first-ever “Follow Food Truck.” The truck will make its way across America to hit six food festivals in places including Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

7. Vodka Brand’s Online Game Encourages Players to #DropThatBeat At The Right Moment:Working with Happiness Brussels, Eristoff Vodka has turned that moment into an online game called Drop That Beat, the aim of which is to identify the exact moment the beat will drop.The campaign is said to target what the brand calls Nightwolves — men in their twenties who love to club, the exact group Eristoff wants buyi9g its vodka.

8. Dove Men Care First Fatherhood Moments:Dove Men+Care is running “First Fatherhood Moments”, a Father’s Day campaign celebrating the emotion, strength and happiness dads openly express upon learning they are going to become a father. Reflective of the increase in dad’s sharing more content online today, the heart of the campaign is captured in a new film, which shares the reaction of fathers-to-be in the first moments they find out they are going to be a dad.

9. Tecate Light targets Hispanic Millennials with a crowdsourced campaign:Tecate, the Heineken-owned Mexican beer, today launched its latest effort aimed at targeting “bicultural” Mexican-American Gen Y-ers in the Sunbelt states. “One Bold Night” is a short film released today, broken into four 60-second clips, that depicts an epic night from the point of view of a Tecate drinker and, for the first time, includes a cameo by the brand mascot, the black eagle. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York, “One Bold Night” is the next step in the “Born Bold” campaign, which launched in March, with the black eagle logo as its centerpiece for the first time.

10. These Contest-Winning Instagram Photos Re-created Historic Images With a Few Twists Inspired takes on visual classics:Thanks to its photo filters, Instagram is known for empowering the common social-media user with a touch of artistry. But the mobile-social platform recently challenged users to show off their discriminating tastes with real attempts at art, asking them to remake iconic photos and post their interpretations with the hashtag #recreatedclassic.

11. George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila Launches #HouseOfFriends Social Media UGC Campaign: Made in the style of a sixties hippie commune crossed with a nineties hipster revival crossed with a gauzy Instagram-style filter, Casamigos Tequila kicks off its #HouseOfFriends campaign with a video and a plea for user-generated content. The effort centers around the concept of friendship and encourages to people to document and share their thoughts on the subject on social media.