Home is where your heart is. If you’re away from home this Diwali, this music video could make you cry. Brands these days are increasingly steering towards digital storytelling where the hero is the story. The product either takes a backstage or ties up the central plot together.

In this new Diwali ad film by KitKat India, which the chocolate brand is referring to as the Diwali Music Video 2014, you will see four minutes of pure storytelling featuring someone who is really millions of miles away from home – an astronaut!

The four minute film is set inside a spacecraft where things are floating along with a young female astronaut. She is missing her family and makes it a point to peep outside when the spacecraft moves over India. As the days and months pass by, you see a sad astronaut away from home, but fulfilling her dream.

She is seen touching through a softboard containing photos and other memories of her loved ones. A song with Hindi lyrics relating to the scenario starts playing alongside.

The story moves on till it is Diwali day finally. She recieves a package from home with a KitKat inside it. While she takes a bite from the floating KitKat, she peeps out to look at the earth again. The whole of India is brightly lit up, bringing a big smile to her face.

The music video features a hashtag #MyDiwaliBreak along with a link to share the film on Facebook.

Created by JWT Delhi, this emotional stirrer has been well received on digital with over 264K+ views in four days. Apart from running in between YouTube videos, the film is also being spread through social media. The Facebook and Twitter pages of Nestle India and KitKat India have been sharing and spreading the word. Additionally, celebrities like actors Neha Dhupia, R Madhavan, and Lara Dutta, author Chetan Bhagat, sports personalities like Rohan Bopanna and Mahesh Bhupathi have been roped in to share the film.

Bonding with video stories

JWT Delhi has scored again with the Diwali music video for KitKat. The agency’s Diwali film for PepsiCo focuses on the essence of a #GharWaliDiwali in seven minutes. (Read about #GharWaliDiwali story here) Through the story of a young working mother who stays away from her parents with her husband and daughter, the film reflects today’s busy life and the joys of a homecoming for Diwali. Both films are heart warming and don’t fail to tug at your deepest emotions, yet both films are aligned to the product.

While the Pepsi film does not feature any of the products being advertised, the KitKat film does but still fits beautifully into the astronaut’s lonely space life. The concept is brilliant with a matching execution on digital, especially roping in popular personalities.

However, I would have preferred if there is any way one could download the song or a ringtone. To add to this, the brand can steer social conversations with a little contest around the hashtag #MyDiwaliBreak, and surprise KitKat hampers for people away from home.

Vinaya Naidu

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