Earlier in the day, we wrote about “Where is Rahul Gandhi” trending on Twitter, looks like today is the day of Congress domination on Twitter. In fact while BJP won with big margins in Maharashtra and Haryana, Congress has been dominating Twitter trends for its entertaining party workers.

If you thought that only Rahul Gandhi can make you laugh then make way for Americai V Narayanan, a Congress spokesperson who has come into limelight after the party sacked former spokesperson  Shashi Tharoor (13 hilarious tweets on #TharoorSacked) for showing extended support to BJP leader and Indian PM Narendra Modi. ()

According  to Americai’s website, after living in US for thirteen years  he was introduced to Tamil Nadu as “America” Narayanan by the Tamil magazine ‘Junior Vikatan’ in a cover page article, since then he is commonly called as “America” Narayanan by auto drivers, slum dwellers and others in Tamil Nadu. However, he wants to be a humble public servant; hence, he uses his name as Americai (meaning ‘humble’ in Tamil) V. Narayanan.

After appearing in over 300 TV talk shows, speaking in schools, colleges, and various organizations he made his national TV debut yesterday and since then has been an instant hit on Twitter for his one liner #HellYeah. In a debate at Times Now, Congress party spokesperson was asked if there was corruption in the UPA. And, his response was: Hell Yeah! This had made him an instant Twitter hero and the butt of jokes, in fact he has overshadowed Rahul Gandhi and BJP’s victory in both the states.

With the drama unfolding on Sunday, Americai Narayanan has been trending on Twitter along with #HellYeah on the top of Twitter India trends. I suppose this is a good way to charge up and kill the Monday blues.

Listed below are some of the hilarious reactions from people on Twitter which will make you believe that the Congress party has found a star, TV debates won’t be boring anymore and Twitter will see a new sensation.

Looks like he is taking all the social media attention in the right spirit while having a blast on his Twitter timeline. Good times ahead on Twitter, at least we can assure that!

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Editor at Lighthouse Insights.

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