Bangalore is acknowledged the world over as India’s Silicon Valley, but someone is on a mission to change that. With nearly every tech company worth its code being headquartered in the city, the mission seems to be an impossible one, especially when it suggests on making Delhi as the official tech capital of India. The company is restaurant review site, Zomato which is presently operating in 12 countries and the mission is one of hiring.

Zomato is looking to hire engineers, designers and product managers to work at Delhi, through its hiring campaign called ‘Tech Capital’. Bringing up the argument on what is important in a startup, Zomato says, “Building a good-looking product is easy, but making the business work is what separates the men from the boys”, while sharing an unbiased look at hard facts.

Zomato_tech_capital_hard_factsA cheeky infographic compares the successful startups in Delhi with a few from Bangalore. Interestingly, the four startups listed under Bangalore have a thumbs down sign and also asterisk-ed letters, while Delhi has a thumbs up sign and startups are listed properly. It also points out that Bangalore based Redbus has moved to Delhi after acquisition by Goibibo.

This is coupled with four saucy reasons as to why Delhi wins over Bangalore; each take a jibe at Bangalore traffic, curfews, etc.

We don’t have curfews, which means you can work and play past bedtime. And the cops don’t chase you out of a bar when you need a drink or two.

“Our roads are wider, which means you spend less time on the road and more time on the right things - work and family. Also, btw, our traffic is all online. #cheapshot

Needless to say, the hiring campaign has gone viral as it was meant to be. Bangaloreans are furious that something or someone can even think of shaking the mighty Bangalore off its tech-capital pedestal. Some like me are sitting back and enjoying the mud slinging, while many others (especially from the tech world) are out to explain why Zomato’s mission will be a failed one.

Keyword ‘Zomato’ has been trending ever since the campaign was launched today.

The Bangalorean response is a tongue-in-cheek one but way too much into Delhi-bashing and paves way for the north-south divide, even calling Delhi as the ‘rape capital’. To Zomato’s reason on Delhi being racially embracing as it has a wide range of cuisines, the troll page cites Delhi to be racially embracing for everyone except blacks, whites, females or Madrasis.

“Delhi is racially embracing. Unless you’re black. Or white. Or female. Or Madrasi.”

The case studies by Zomato Delhi employees have also been spoofed. So an Alok Jain instead of saying, “Delhi is the reality check to Bangalore’s one-sided view of the Indian tech ecosystem,” is spoofed as saying, “Finally a city where people speak properly. Those Madrasi accents are so weird!

It also points to the colour divide. An employee named Satyajeet Singh has been spoofed to be referring to the Delhi skin colour as compared to the Bangalore one - “People are fair here. No, I mean their complexion is fair.”

In a country that is riddled with racial discrimination and violence, this is the last thing we should trigger. But, it seems that Zomato did indeed design the campaign ‘Tech Capital’ to create a stir, to go viral and spread organically, rather than go for a paid campaign. This gimmick of a hiring mission works perfectly well for Zomato. Now everybody in the online world is aware that the company is hiring for tech positions in Delhi.

The one thing Zomato probably got right is when it admits that AAP is the only known failed startup from Delhi , disregarding the ‘only’ as it seems far fetched again.

Vinaya Naidu

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