OYO Rooms Unveils Brand New Logo, Also Makes TVC Debut With #AurKyaChahiye

Technology-driven budget hotel chain OYO Rooms has launched its debut TVC campaign #AurKyaChahiye in a bid to grow its app downloads

Budget hotels chain, OYO Rooms has been all over the news lately after securing a cool $100 million in its third round of funding. The two-year-old technology-driven hotel chain founded by the 21-year-old Ritesh Agarwal, said that the funds will be used to “implement new customer experience initiatives, build technology products, and extend its domination in the budget hotel segment”.

It has also set aside a massive marketing budget. To begin with, OYO Rooms has unveiled a brand new logo - a pin-striped pin.

The brand built some social media buzz prior to the reveal. Fans were invited to guess what has changed at OYO, with the help of pin-striped graphic visuals. In a bid to boost engagement, users were invited to share what they loved about the new logo, for a chance to win prizes like Oyo stays and vouchers.

As is the norm for technology-driven companies in India, OYO Rooms has resorted to television commercials to reach out to the masses. And, again as is the norm, it has weaved in humour for its new TV ads, conceptualized by Boring Brands.

In this one, a guy finds absolutely no place for a comfortable sleep in his own home, and is suggested to use the OYO app for booking a budget hotel in 5 seconds.


In second TVC, this sick father who’s critically ill, needs to be admitted to a hospital but the family is more worried  about arranging their stay near the hospital. In a humourous twist, he gets up from his bed to suggest OYO Rooms to his family!


Oyo Rooms, until now, had resorted to a strong dose of emotions for its digital films. Apparently, humour has been left for television audiences, considering a TVC has to build a brand recall in 30 seconds. The comic situations coupled with the app as a solution does manage to create some impact though. App downloads might also increase, given that television ads by app companies are helping to boost downloads.

This Independence Day, many brands created videos to celebrate our freedom. But OYO Rooms painted a different picture in its Independence Day video. The brand had rolled out a 6-minute digital film called ‘Jai Hind’ featuring actors Manoj Bajpai and Raveena Tandon. The video paid tribute to Independent India and the freedom fighters of the country but did so in a way that incited shock and then relief and a lingering respect for freedom fighters.

Earlier, on Father’s Day, OYO focused on the special bond shared by dads and sons – one where both shy away from verbally sharing their love. The 3-minute video starring actors Piyush Mishra and Zeeshan Ayyub tells you to express your love and value the relationship while it is still present, by weaving a mischievous yet adorable story ‘Say it with OYO‘.

Long emotional digital films and 30-second funny TVCs for the masses is a trend followed by many brands. The trick to make permanent room in our minds, is doing this consistently.