Sachin Tendulkar Shows How Playing ‘The Life’ Is Easy In New Oxigen Ads

Mobile wallet provider, Oxigen has roped in Sachin Tendulkar as its brand ambassador; a set of TVCs show the cricketer making payments, recharges, money transfers, booking tickets in the game of life

Payment solutions providers are making it easier to live our lives without cash or cards. It is perfectly fine to have lost your wallet when having a coffee at Cafe Coffee Day or a burger at McDonald’s. Fact is you can also share money with your friends via Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter, all you need to have is a digital wallet.

As our country moves steadily towards a digital economy, more players are springing up in the digital payments category. Airtel Money, PayTM, Freecharge, Mobikwik, Oxigen and many Indian banks too, are striving to grow users on their platform. While a few are tempting you to get started by offering pre-loaded wallets, one of them has taken a giant leap of faith.

Wallet service provider Oxigen has brought on board the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar to endorse the brand. This is the first time a celebrity has been roped in as the face of a mobile wallet company.

The man is not just a celebrity but a legend too, who is loved by all his countrymen. It also helps that he is a caring husband and a father of two. The brand ambassador talks about how Oxigen lets him play the ‘Game of Life’.

In the new set of TVCs, Sachin is seen in his various roles as father, husband, employer playing the gentleman that he is. In below ad, the moment he realises that today is Badri Kaka’s mother’s surgery, he transfers money to him from his Oxigen wallet.


In another ad, Sachin is gleefully making paper planes and flying them in his living room, as his broadband, mobile and DTH bill payments are all being handled through his Oxigen wallet.


Watch how Sachin recharges his daughter’s mobile in seconds, all through his Oxigen wallet.


In this adorable ad, Sachin is making a chocolate truffle cake as a birthday surprise for his wife, and in case that is not surprise enough, he also books movie tickets for the couple all at the click of his Oxigen Wallet.

Weaving trust in mobile payments

Oldies are often set in their traditional ways of payment. Even now a set of people refuse to make financial transactions online. It would take them a whole lot of conviction, a sense of security and a brand like Sachin Tendulkar to bring trust into adapting an emerging mode of payment. As a leading player in the space of mobile payments, Oxigen has taken an impressive route by bringing on board India’s most loved and trusted citizen and master cricketer.

The challenge, however, would still be the same. Spiking user base and getting them to use their digital wallets to eat, shop, buy movie tickets, pay bills, recharge, and more, looks like a tough ask. While the trend is to make funny ads to showcase what all can be done through a mobile wallet, Oxigen has taken a clutter-breaking route by roping in Sachin. Aspiring youngsters will look up to his message of playing the game of life with Oxigen.

Other players are making TVCs to explain the new mode of payment. Mobikwik rolled out a set of hilarious TVCs to demonstrate how its #MoreThanAWallet. PayTM’s massive TVC campaign looked to convince the whole of India to #PayTMKaro. Sachin’s entry into the space is not just beneficial to Oxigen but also the other well-funded players in building a sense of trust and security in the space of digital payments.