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Stories from last week - Citi’s #WhatsNewThisVacation, Tata Pravesh #DoorsOfIndia, Fastrack The Music Run, and more

22nd September 2017 last date for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017: Last and final date for submissions of LI Content Marketing Awards 2017. Read more here.

How Fastrack aced creative content marketing to woo millennials for The Music Run: The youth brand hit upon an elaborate digital and social media strategy ensuring maximum buzz creation among Gen Z, with the right mix of creativity and influencer association. Read more here.

How Citi’s #WhatsNewThisVacation boosted card spends this summer by engaging the online travel community: Citi partnered with the top social travel bloggers in India, who brought alive the ‘Experience the new’ idea by exploring a different and unique side of popular destinations. Read more here.

#DoorsOfIndia: Tata Pravesh seamlessly blends content and influencer marketing in this visually stunning digital campaign: 6 explorers embark on a journey of 30,000 kms across 46 cities to capture the timeless stories behind the best doors of India. Read more here.