Orient Ceramics Does CSR The Facebook Way

Orient Ceramics has introduced a new gaming app called 'Kill Civil Event' on its flourishing facebook fan page-‘We cover it beautifully’.

Image Courtesy-We Cover Up Beautifully

Engaging your customers on the Facebook fan page is not an easy task and the challenge becomes bolder when the target community of the brand is not the youth. With more than 60% of Indians using social media networks sites and Facebook being one of the commonly used, Orient Ceramics the manufacture of ceramic tiles has come up with a simple but an innovative idea. Orient Ceramics has introduced a new gaming app called ‘Kill Civil Event’ on its flourishing facebook fan page-‘We cover it beautifully’. The app is just not an app to have fun in the social circle but it aims to fulfill Orient Cermacis Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) too. It’s a known issue that Indian society is surrounded by quite a few civil evils and this app asks you to choose and kill a civil event such as ‘Eve Teasing’,’Racism’,’Rape’, etc. In return Orient donates Rs5/- to an NGO which is fighting for eradicating civil scars from the society. It is an amazing way of engaging your community and Ceramics has done this good deed before but now with a sense of social responsibility.


The message is clear that Ceramics wants to be a brand that is against civil issues and also wants to reach out to the young generation of India. The same thoughts were shared by Mr. Vijay Shankar Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Orient Ceramics and Industries Limited;

“Being a responsible corporate citizen, Orient Ceramics has been performing its social duties since its incorporation and have earned certificate by ISO 14001-2004 for environment friendly industrial company. Striding forward, we have now added one more page in our CSR credentials by launching “Kill Civil Evil” campaign on our Facebook page “We Cover Up Beautifully”. India is a young country and we wanted a strong participation from the younger generation to eradicate as many social evils as we can. Social networking sites are an apt media to connect with younger audience due to their acceptance among them.”

Mr. Sharma further added, “The basic concept behind this campaign is to create awareness among the future generation of our country about these social evils and how they are weakening our system day by day. Also, there are sections in our society who is willing to kill these evils but are not equipped enough to do so. This campaign of ours will give them an opportunity to participate and contribute towards cleaning of our society. With every civil evil killed online, we shall contribute Rs 5/- to the NGO who is working in that area. We hope to receive tremendous response from young India and hope to contribute as much as we can towards making the world a better place.”

Ceramics Kill Civil Event app has already gathered a great response with 93 Likes and 8 comments. It is a simple app that asks you to select an evil from a list and kill it. Once you kill an evil like we did one by selecting ‘Police in Action’, you have an option to upload a badge of ‘Kill this evil’ on your Facebook profile or sharing it with your community. Though it would be great if the app could be made more interesting like how many evils you killed with a points system etc. We are sure that Ceramics might look into this as it already has some very cool engaging apps on its page- ‘Cover Up Games’. It has 3 games and our pick is ‘Scam Sweep’ and ‘Spot the Scamester’. We won’t reveal anything here and would like you to enjoy and share it with your community.

SOURCE:Business Standard