Oreo Banks On Ranbir Kapoor And His Teenage Sister In New Ad

Oreo's latest ad once again focuses on the playful pranks of the brother-sister duo where Ranbir Kapoor plays brother to a teenage girl


Oreo, the world’s most popular premium cookie from Cadbury is out with its latest ad campaign featuring brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor. Conceptualised by Interface Communications, the ad concept remains the same as the ‘Line of Control’ ad rolled out last January. Once again Ranbir plays the mischievous elder brother to a teenaged sister.

Moving away from its familiar communication that centred around the ‘Twist-lick-dunk’ formula, and usually featured a father-child duo dunking away their Oreos in milk, the cookie brand had created a wave with the LOC ad last year. The playful pranks of the brother-sister duo were well received with over 2 million views gained within a month of release.

The latest Oreo ad titled “Sweet, crunchy, chocolatey” seeks to recreate that sibling mischief and hopefully some of the social buzz as well.

It starts with Ranbir playing the brother who is about to leave for his duty in the navy. While his teenaged sister expresses her sadness of missing him, he tries to cheer her up by comparing their relationship to Oreo.

While she looks on eagerly, he starts with how the chocolate cream is chocolaty and sweet just like him, and proceeds to how the biscuit is chocolaty and crunchy, once again, just like him. Annoyed, she asks him what is similar to her then, to which he shows her the wrapping. He taunts her that her constant jabber is similar to the Oreo wrapping noise.


Uploaded on the Oreo India YouTube channel, the ad video has received over 13K views since January 8. The post sharing the ad video on the Oreo India Facebook page has received over 50K likes and 2K shares with positive responses in the comments. As is standard practice at Oreo, we don’t see any social media campaign extension for the ad film, other than being shared with its Facebook and Twitter community.

It remains to be seen whether the brand would boost views by paid means or look for a slower, organic growth.