Oreo #PlayIt Is Not Just About Playing The Music Or The Game, It’s How You #PlayWithOreo

All about the Oreo #PlayIt phase in the #PlayWithOreo global campaign, where a mix of images and gifs bring out the innovative ways of playing the Oreo


Oreo is moving swiftly to inspire a world of playful imagination all around us. The world’s favourite cookie brand wants consumers to not just twist, lick or dunk their Oreo but also play with it in their own way, through the ‘#PlayWithOreo’ global campaign.

Worldwide as well as Oreo India have been bracing the cookie loyalists in the country to join the fun through a series of playful activities for #PlayWithOreo on social media.

Following a successful stint with the #DoodleIt contest where one needed to create doodles using an Oreo cookie, Oreo India, in association with Interface Communications, then moved on to #PopIt. PopIt, as the name suggests, is not all about how you pop stuff into your mouth. #PopIt with Oreo brought in a whole lot of pop culture, pop art, pop music and more into the playful world of Oreo.

Oreo India is now on to #PlayIt, the next awesome way to #PlaywithOreo. #PlayIt is not as literal as it sounds - ’Play’ itself has various manifestations like: Play music while you #PlaywithOreo, Play a game using Oreo and more.

The brand has been showing unique playful ways of how you #PlayIt with an Oreo on its social media platforms. Oreo India’s Facebook and Twitter streams are a treat to the eyes with visuals and videos on how you #PlayIt with an Oreo.

This is how you beat the blues with an Oreo

Playing the right notes with an Oreo

Just playing the Oreo

An Oreo board game

Oreo Pac-man?!

The Oreo record company!

Oreo fans who would still prefer to dunk their favourite cookie should watch this #PlayIt video. Nothing is what it seems to look like, but there’s always a way out if you really want to play with an Oreo.


As with the creative playful ways discovered during #DoodleIt and #PopIt, #PlayIt is also finding innovative ways to add to the ever growing ways to #PlayWithOreo. Do discover the world of playing with an Oreo on the ‘Play with Oreo‘ website.