How Oreo Promoted Oreo Orange Creme Making #OreoBesties Of The Two With Fan-Driven #BestieBond Visuals

How Oreo engaged its fans with customized #BestieBond visuals to highlight the friendship between Oreo cookie and Orange crème calling them #OreoBesties


Back in May, Cadbury India, a part of Mondelez India Foods had launched a TVC ‘Missed flight’ promoting the all new Oreo Orange Creme where Ranbir Kapoor was seen playing the mischief with his niece. While the little girl was miffed with him as he couldn’t make it to meet her, Ranbir disappears from the video chat they were having, to only reappear beside her with the new orange Oreo. While she is delighted and surprised to see him, Ranbir tells her that having the Oreo Orange Creme alone was no fun.

Staying true to Oreo’s communication focused around family bonding, the world’s no.1 cookie brand then launched a campaign to promote the new Oreo Orange Creme using popular social culture. Designed by creative agency Interface Communications, the campaign reinforced the friendship between Oreo cookie and Orange crème calling them #OreoBesties and how they blend beautifully together. A fourfold activity was executed over the month that engaged Oreo fans.

Beginning with the popular selfie phenomenon to have hit the country, Oreo invited its fans to share their wacky selfies with their best friend using the hashtag #OreoBesties. The contest ran for 3 days with a decent response from fans through Facebook and Twitter.


Next was a #ShoutOut between the two #OreoBesties – Oreo Cookie and Orange Crème, where one of them would #ShoutOut something and fans had to guess what the other would reply.

#YouAreBestiesWhen played on the typical things people like to share on Twitter.

Finally there was #BestieBond, the most buzzing activity for two days. Fans shared entries talking about what made their bond with their bestie unique, while Oreo created live #OreoBesties out of them in the most visually appealing way. Everybody loves a customized visual, needless to say the hashtag #BestieBond trended on top Twitter trends.

Oreo BestieBond


Oreo BestieBond1

Bonding by co-creation with the community

Oreo has been one of the most loved brands when it comes to comparing brands sharing creative visuals on social media. Beginning with #DailyDunks last April during IPL6, Oreo’s social media presence created conversations around the day’s most happening events. This was soon followed by #Dunkathon where the brand created customized dunks from their fans’ memorable moments. Keeping the focus on the cookie while involving fans in the Oreo story, is Oreo’s mantra apparently.

The array of activities in this campaign have stressed the ‘bestie’ factor amongst fans while highlighting the friendship between Oreo cookie and Orange crème, the main goal of the campaign. Creating customized visuals for the bestie fans would further increase shareability, in addition to building brand affinity.

Fan driven content powered by best friends on social media have made #OreoBesties a memorable one on social media.