Oreo Goes Everything Pop For #PopIt, One More Interesting Way To #PlayWithOreo

Oreo India's 'Play with Oreo' global campaign now moves to second stage with #PopIt, where the cookie brand is demonstrating fun ways to pop the cookie with visuals and video snippets

Oreo PopIt

Oreo India is getting the whole of the country to doodle away with their favourite cookies. The cookie brand’s social media properties have been inviting fans to let flow their creative juices for #DoodleIt – a doodle making contest where one needed to create doodles using an Oreo cookie, take a picture of it and share it on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag.

As part of its global campaign, ‘Play with Oreo’ launched to inspire play in consumers’ everyday lives, the brand embarked on a massive campaign spanning both on-ground and online activities that asked Oreo fans to go beyond the ‘Twist, Lick, Dunk’ routine.

Following a successful stint with the #DoodleIt contest, Oreo India in association with Interface Communications is now on to the #PopIt phase. The cookie brand is showing how you can #PopIt to #PlaywithOreo. Pop is not restricted to how you’d pop peanuts, but also includes pop culture, pop music, pop art, pop out of the box, etc.

Oreo India’s social media pages have been sharing visuals and little video snippets to demonstrate how you #PopIt with an Oreo. The cookie brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages are an eye catching sight right now with the brand sharing creative ways to #PopIt.

Some more fun reasons to #PopIt:

These kids are having a blast with Oreo, watch how they #PopIt!


More ways of playing with Oreo can be discovered at the ‘Play with Oreo‘ website.