Oreo India Launches Choco Crème Through Social Media

Article about how Oreo India used social networks such as Facebook and Youtube to launch its new flavour, Choco Crème.

How Oreo India used social networks such as Facebook and YouTube to launch its new flavour, Choco Crème.

The Indian arm of Oreo, a cream biscuit brand owned by Kraft Foods, officially launched its new flavour, Choco Crème on October 10, 2012. The popular biscuit brand which entered the Indian territory last year with its signature classic vanilla creme flavor has decided to launch its new flavor in this section since 44% of Indian households are sole chocolate creme consumers ((Article Source)). Although the pre-launch was quite muted, the post-launch activities are creating a buzz. Oreo India utilized Facebook and YouTube for this purpose.

Two days prior to the launch, Oreo India began creating buzz around the launch on its Facebook page by telling their fans they have a surprise coming up and engaged with them by asking them to guess what it could be. On the day of the launch, Oreo India added a milestone signifying the launch of their new flavour, Choco Crème followed by a series of posts relating to it.

Apart from that a Facebook app - ‘Oreo Surprise’ was launched for its 2M fans. It contained a game at the completion of which you would unlock the Choco Crème TVC. However, if you don’t want to play then you can always skip it and move to the surprise.

The same concept was used on YouTube on October 16 via an ad which had the game as well as the surprise TVC. The below screen grab gives you an idea of it:

Oreo India YouTube

How cool is the buzz?

To start with, Oreo India has done a decent job on Facebook and at the same time carried it on to YouTube too. However, I did not understand the logic behind not utilising Twitter even after having an active account though it went silent mysteriously 4 days prior to the launch. This could have been a great opportunity to create buzz by getting people to talk about the new product and at the same time grow its Twitter presence.

The game that Oreo India has created is quite interesting but it loses its appeal when you can unlock the TVC even if you fail to complete the task.

Also, the idea of driving users from YouTube to the Facebook page seems to be turning into a trend amongst brands. The reasons could be - the liberty of having the traditional banner size ads as compared to the tiny ads of Facebook, plus you can also add other elements to the YouTube ads. However, Oreo India did it brilliantly with this campaign by engaging the user initially and after the game is complete, leaving him with an option to visit the Facebook page by placing a Facebook button in the bottom left hand corner of the banner advertisement.

So, what do you think of the game ‘Oreo Surprise’, and what do you feel could have been done differently and effectively by Oreo India with respect to the launch of its new flavour, Choco Crème?