How Oreo India Inspires Playfulness With Street Art And Encourages Fans To Draw Oreo Doodles For #DoodleIt

Oreo's #PlayWithOreo global campaign takes off in India with a combination of street art and a doodle making competition around Oreo on the digital front

play with oreo

Oreo is unifying itself globally and wants Oreo fans the world over to go beyond the usual ways of playing with their favourite cookie like twisting, licking, dunking or stacking it. The world’s favourite cookie is blending into a single universal theme of “playfulness”, and to that effect, has launched ‘Play with Oreo’, a global campaign to inspire imagination and play in consumers’ everyday lives.

As part of the India campaign, Interface Communications launched the Indianized lyrics with the same animated TVC as the global one created by Draft FCB. The Hindi scriptwriter is Amitabh Bhattacharya, while the music director is Rupert Fernandes and the jingle has been sung by Anusha Mani. The animated commercials have also been created in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali versions.

This 30-second commercial in Hindi celebrates both the classic ways of having an Oreo like twisting, licking or dunking it, as well as the new ways of rolling, stacking, flipping or crunching the cookie.

‘Play with Oreo’ kickstarted its 360-degree campaign with the TVC and has since been taking up other mediums too. A website ‘Play with Oreo‘ has been built for the campaign, it offers a peak into the fun world of playfulness with Oreo from around the world. One can create Oreo cookie characters and check out the creations submitted by other Oreo fans on the site.

From Street Art to #DoodleIt on digital

Last week, a unique Street Art (graffiti) event was hosted in three cities. Renowned street artists like Yantr, Harshvardhan Kadam of InkBrushMe and Ranjit Dahiya of Bollywood Art Project in Mumbai, Sharwari Tilloo, Vivek Chokalingam and Athreya Chidambi in Bangalore painted Oreo inspired graffiti at the Reclamation, Bandra in Mumbai, Moolchand flyover in Delhi and Richmond flyover in Bangalore.

Impressed fans have been sharing pictures of the wall art in their respective cities. Oreo India also incentivized the social sharing with the promise of a surprise.

To get the buzz going on digital, Oreo shared pictures of the street art from each of the three cities and encouraged people to share them too. From professional street artists, the brand then passed the baton to Oreo fans. ‘Play with Oreo’ on-ground street art was then amplified on digital media with a crowdsourced activity called #DoodleIt, starting this month.

Oreo has been inviting fans to create doodles around the Oreo cookie, where there is no limit to imagination and many prizes to be won. To participate, all you have to do is let your creative juices flow while doodling around with an Oreo cookie, take a picture of it and then share it on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #DoodleIt.

As a trigger to encourage user participation, a series of #DoodleIt films have been created for the digital medium. This girl just goes all guns at her Oreo doodle, she has used many types of Oreo biscuits too:

In addition, Oreo India has been sharing simple Oreo doodles on its social media pages, to help show the way. And also re-sharing user created doodles.

Simple. Playful. Rewarding.

Doodling is an activity most of us indulge in. It’s almost addictive if you start with one, at workplaces, on tissue papers in the cafeteria or while simply taking your mind away from work, doodling comes to the rescue. Getting fans to make doodles with Oreo is a good way to add an element of ‘fun’ in their lives with their favorite cookie. Crowdsourcing through social media for Oreo doodles says the cookie brand is in for some massive ‘playtime’ on social.

The addition of ‘street art’ follows the global trend where emerging artists created graffiti around #PlayWithOreo, which were then shared across Oreo’s social media properties, making for an amazing visual display of the idea of ‘Play with Oreo’.

The India edition of the campaign has certainly set the stage with its on-ground graffiti art and the engaging digital extension of #DoodleIt. Don’t forget to send in your Oreo doodle pictures, while I try my hand too!