Oreo India Crowdsources Dunks From Its Community Via #Dunkathon

Review of Oreo India's #Dunkathon campaign where the cookie brand creates Oreo dunks from memorable moments shared by fans on Facebook and Twitter using #Dunkathon


Oreo India has taken its ‘Daily dunks’ initiative to the community by launching Dunkathon. The content oriented endeavour that kicked off during the Indian Premier League Season 6 this April, is now being crowdsourced from the community via Dunkathon.

Daily Dunks, an extension from the cookie brand’s hugely successful television advertising campaign around the ‘twist, lick, dunk’ catchphrase, focuses on the day’s most happening events to bring out a cleverly integrated message with the Oreo.  With #Dunkathon, the beloved cookie brand from Cadbury will now create special dunks from their fans’ memorable moments, and share it on social media platforms the same day!

Dunkathon 1Dunkathon 2

The #Dunkathon begins!

Having commenced on the 12th of August, the #Dunkathon campaign seems to be going strong with creatively carved dunks being shared on the Oreo India Facebook page. The page with 3 million fans has created the Oreo Dunkathon app for them, where they can have their own customized Oreo dunks.


The as-simple-as-Oreo Dunkathon app features two tabs - What’s Dunkathon and All the Dunks. Anything that is memorable is dunk-worthy, and once you have your own dunking ideas, you can either click on ‘Start Dunking’ or ‘View other dunks’ that takes you to the dunks gallery. All the Dunks or the gallery features dunks created for the fans as well as the Daily Dunks.

Visit this before you submit your dunk idea, as it is sure to bring a smile to your face. The displayed Dunks can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest too.

There are two options while you share your dunk: write your dunk idea in the empty box provided or select a picture from your Facebook album. Give a title to your dunk, submit and pray to Lady Luck!

Pre-Dunkathon buzz

Oreo ensured maximum community participation in the Dunkathon by sharing updates about the initiative a couple of days in advance. Fans were encouraged to join the dunkathon by sharing their most special moment, with Oreo visuals featuring example moments like ‘That crazy road trip with your friends!”, “The best gift you ever received’, ‘The day I got my first pay cheque”, etc. These posts have received nearly 4K to 8K likes from fans.


Similar updates were also shared on the Oreo India Twitter page for its 600+ followers. The hashtag #Dunkathon is capturing all the excitement on Twitter.

Dunkathon bonds the community

When Oreo gave us Daily Dunks, we had suggested that the brand could extend them on to contests where fans can create their own smart Oreo representation around a contest theme. Well, Dunkathon is not a contest, but something even better where everybody wins! The initiative, apart from positive branding, also helps Oreo India bond better with its online community. Who wouldn’t love a tailor-made dunk by their favourite cookie brand!

In addition to creating personalized dunks, Dunkathon also increases the sharing factor on social media channels as compared to Daily Dunks. Fans are more likely to spread the word far and wide, to have more of their friends to see what Oreo has done for them. #Dunkathon is one amazing brand building campaign with the power of fan-sourced content.

However, there is a bug in the execution. I couldn’t access the Facebook Dunkathon app on Firefox and Chrome; the app could only open in IE10.

Also, the concept isn’t a novel one. During the IPL finals, Pepsi India had also created art posters out of witty tweets shared by fans. Fans’ witty tweets during key IPL matches were converted into posters and shared on Twitter using the hashtag #PepsiIPLLiveArt. Cadbury Dairy Milk India had also created exclusive fan-generated content during the #ShubhAarambh league one word description contests.

The day’s Dunkathon has started. Have you shared your dunk idea yet?