Oreo India’s #ClickIt Gets Everyone To Click Pictures With Oreo Over Their Eyes

Part of #PlayWithOreo global campaign, Oreo India recently kickstarted #ClickIt where fans needed to click a funny, crazy, cool picture with Oreos over their eyes


#PlayWithOreo is back with a bang. The world’s favourite cookie brand has been bracing Oreo loyalists all over the globe to ‘Play with Oreo’. Inspiring a world of playful imagination all around us, Oreo wants its fans to not just twist, lick or dunk their favourite cookie but also play with it in their own creative ways, through the ‘#PlayWithOreo’ global campaign launched this year.

‘Play with Oreo’ was kickstarted with a TVC and has since been taking up other mediums too to spread the madness. A website ‘Play with Oreo‘ offers a peak into the fun world of playfulness with Oreo from around the world.

Back home, Oreo India rolled out a series of fun activities on the brand’s social media properties, in association with Interface Communications. It all began with #DoodleIt – a doodle making contest where fans needed to create doodles using an Oreo cookie, take a picture of it and share it on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag.

Thousands of creative doodles poured in, while Oreo went on to #PopIt. PopIt, as the name suggests, was not about how you pop stuff into your mouth but more like pop culture, pop art, pop music and more. Fans joined in with their own versions of popping an Oreo, while the brand introduced #PlayIt.

#PlayIt mandated Oreo fans to get more skilful; they had to play music, or a game using the cookie. And while at it, the brand maintained the momentum with its awesome content pieces on social media made up of creative visuals, gifs, etc. Oreo India’s Facebook and Twitter feeds speak volumes about the brand’s intent to inspire playfulness.

Oreo India recently kickstarted #ClickIt, the next in the series of playful things to do with an Oreo. #ClickIt requires Oreo fans to click a funny, crazy, cool or interesting picture with Oreos over their eyes. And what’s more, there will be four prize winners and each take home a GoPro Hero 3!

A glance through #ClickIt and you’ll be treated to innovative shots of people with Oreo over their eyes:


As a way of thanking its fans, user clicks received from all over the country have been captured onto a video:


The cookie brand is sure inspiring some playfulness with its fun and engaging activities on social media. A simple yet fun contest like #ClickIt further adds to Oreo’s global vision of inspiring playfulness in its consumers’ lives. With more activities being added like a stack of Oreo’s to #PlayWithOreo, the brand has worked its way up neatly getting Oreo fans to go beyond the ‘Twist, Lick, Dunk’ routine.

Doodle, play, pop, dip, click are just a few of the fun things you can do with an Oreo. Can’t wait to see what Oreo has in store next!