Oral-B Smile India Movement 2 On Facebook

A review of the Oral-B Smile India Movement 2 and its usage of social media

Someone rightly said that a smile may vanish in a flash but its memories remain for a lifetime. One look at a smiling Madhuri Dixit and you know what I mean. So if ever there was a best smile contest, Madhuri would win it hands down, but for now she is the Chief Smile Officer at Oral-B India and on an important  mission – to protect one billion Indian smiles. Madhuri who is the brand ambassador for the popular  toothbrush brand along with India’s top 10,000 dentists, have taken the pledge to protect our smiles and ask you to join the Smile India Movement -2.

How does the Oral-B Smile India Movement 2 work?

In case you are wondering how the movement works and how you can be a part of the ‘Smile India Movement -2’, start here by taking a pledge to follow the Oral-B 3 step programme for a healthier, brighter smile– Brush twice a day, Brush for two minutes and Visit the dentist every 6 months. And you could also get a free dental checkup till April 30, provided the offer is valid in your city. I took the pledge as well as registered for the free dental checkup and the site provided me with a list of dentists in my locality where I could get my checkup done after an appointment! The page not only shows the pledges taken so far but also allows you to share it with your friends through Facebook or Twitter. I was happy to see some usage of social media here.

Oral- B Smile India Movement 2
Oral- B Smile India Movement 2

What’s happening on Facebook?

Out of sheer curiosity, I visited the Facebook page to see how has the movement been promoted here. After I liked the Welcome page, I was taken to an app that had a smiling Madhuri talk about her mission in an embedded video and request us to join her. The ‘Take the pledge’ button takes you out of Facebook and onto the site mentioned earlier.

Oral-B Smile India Movement Welcome page
Oral-B Smile India Movement Welcome page

Although, the brand has an ambitious pledge, I find no real engagement on social media. The Twitter and Facebook updates are mostly about smile quotes and some Madhuri videos. A few wall updates here and there about the movement along with the link where you can take the pledge and spread the word among your networks. Talking about the positive aspects of a smile repeatedly, may take away the smile from a fan’s face, unless they are diehard Madhuri fans.

Also, the wall could have done much more in terms of educating about right oral care habits. Share about beneficial foods that help your teeth, or what kind of foods to avoid, that may harm your teeth, etc. There are numerous other aspects to a healthy and bright smile. The brand could have shared all this, instead of sticking to it’s product i.e. toothbrushes. Recently, while reviewing a social media campaign by Stayfree, I was particularly impressed by the content which was regarding ‘change’, health tips for women and updates on the offline activities of the campaign.

Besides, Oral-B India Facebook page has still not upgraded to the new timeline for brand page. A brand with such an ambitious pledge needs to do more than this; broaden its vision probably. Or else, how on Earth can it protect a billion Indian smiles, I wonder!

Well, Oral-B’s Smile India Movement received one crore pledges last year ((as reported by AFAQS! )); this year so far, there are only a million pledges. Anyways, the most of what we can do is to take the pledge and start brushing our teeth twice, if not clench them in despair! Do share your thoughts.