Operation Smile India’s #CleftToSmile Movement Raises Awareness On Twitter

About a Twitter campaign #CleftToSmile to raise awareness for clefts by Operation Smile India, where you can contribute with a tweet adding the logo :{to:)


With most of the celebrities, thought leaders and social influencers present on Twitter, the social media platform serves as an ideal virtual space to raise awareness for a cause. Operation Smile India, a charity that provides free cleft treatment, has now chosen Twitter to spread awareness about clefts and how they can be treated.

The campaign hashtagged #CleftToSmile plans to achieve 1 million tweets by this month end, by reaching out to everybody who is active on Twitter, including celebrities and influencers with their massive followers. All you have to do is tweet with the logo :{to:). With the million tweets, Operation Smile India also hopes to raise funds for this much neglected cause as well as bring it to the notice of the decision makers in the government to include cleft as a part of the National Health Agenda.

#CleftToSmile on Twitter

I confess I didn’t know much about clefts and how the physical deformity actually affects a child’s growth. This campaign video by Operation Smile India helps one to understand the cause and contribute to the same.


The video is also featured on the home page of the ‘ClefttoSmile’ website along with a before and after image of a cleft operated child. As you have seen in the video, the logo for the movement :{to:) is something that anybody can create and share. Created by Ogilvy, the simple logo hopes to convey the message of the awareness movement.

Once you click’ Tweet here to make India cleft free’, you will be led to a neat layout as seen below. The tweet counter at the top is updated live and helps keep a track of the campaign. The Step 1 box has a pre-filled tweet with the logo and the hashtag, all you need to do is just tweet. Step 2 has tailored tweets to celebrities of the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber and more. You need to just select the celebrity to want to tweet to and the tweet would be sent by the app. Th site also features the tweets you send to a celebrity apart from a link where you can donate.


Just tweet with :{to:)

The platform chosen to create awareness and getting people to reach out to the influencers on it, are two of the best uses of social media in this campaign. Twitter has the potential to spread messages far and quickly, in addition to seeing an active participation by social influencers. Actors with a following of millions on Twitter have also joined in to tweet with :{to:). There’s Big B, Junior B, Shilpa Shetty and many more, who have contributed with a tweet from their personal Twitter accounts.

Besides, the Twitter account of Operation Smile India is also quite active in the movement. Apart from auto-generated ‘Thank you’ messages to people who have tweeted, the page is also sending custom messages asking them to tweet to celebrities for the forthcoming ‘World Health Day’. However, the account has not been used for creating direct conversations through Twitter.

The success of #CleftToSmile campaign can be seen in the hashtagged tweets. A simplified and relatable logo for a noble cause seems to have got everyone hooked. There are a little over 3K tweets while I write this and I’m sure that by April 30, we could achieve a million tweets and help the cause in its vision.

Have you tweeted with :{to:) yet?