Opera On Sale For $1.2B, Twitter’s Monthly User Growth Stalls In Q4 2015

Global digital news - Chinese Internet-focused investors have put in an offer to buy Opera, both in the US and globally the Twitter user base was flat to moderately down, and more

Bud Light Party: Anheuser Busch is running “Bud Light Party”, an integrated advertising campaign timed for launch in the lead up to the 50th Super Bowl and in anticipation of the 2016 USA Presidential elections.

Newsweek Is Dropping Its Paywall: For some publishers, such as The New York Times, metered paywalls have provided a much-needed revenue stream by converting free, loyal readers into paying digital subscribers. But Newsweek is going in the other direction, opting to drop its paywall Wednesday morning

Facebook Releases New Video Ad Features, Including Automated Captions: On Wednesday, Facebook announced several new features to make buying and measuring mobile video ads more effective. Facebook also laid out findings from internal and external studies on how video content is being consumed on the social network and offered suggestions as to how advertisers can get the most out of their campaigns.

Mobile Giant Opera Software Is Close to Selling to Chinese Players for $1.2 Billion: A consortium of Chinese Internet-focused investors—Golden Brick Silk Road, Kunlun and Qihoo 360—have put in an offer to buy mobile software and advertising player Opera for $1.2 billion.

Michelob Breathe: Michelob ULTRA is presented as the beer brewed for those who go the extra mile in “Breathe”, a commercial launched during the 2016 Super Bowl. “Breathe” highlights the many ways that Michelob ULTRA drinkers put in the effort to live an active, balanced life. The commercial is designed to promote the idea that enjoying a beer socially and living an active life don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

USA Network’s ‘Suits’ uses Instagram to let fans unlock new episodes: On January 27th, drama series “Suits” returned to USA Network for the second half of its fifth season (and tonight there is a new episode). Following the episode, USA Network gives fans the opportunity to get an advanced sneak peek at the next episode. However, to access the exclusive clip fans first have to ‘Gather The Evidence’ that the channel has hidden on the official “Suits” Instagram account over the past few weeks in order to get the code word they need to unlock it.

Ford Is Preparing for the Post-Car Ownership Era With Its New Mobile Service: Many millennials are eschewing car ownership, and Ford is offering a solution. Seeking to be both an auto and mobility company, Ford will launch a new mobile service in April to aid in transportation needs, regardless of whether you own one of its vehicles.

Twitter’s 2016 Roadmap: Live Video Ads, Easier Replies, Expanding Moments & More: Twitter took the somewhat-unusual step today of revealing a number of planned improvements for 2016 — changes that involve the company’s core user experience, its advertising business and its onboarding process for new users.

Twitter’s Monthly User Growth Stalls, Ad Revenue Climbs: Twitter can’t catch a break. After several quarters of audience struggles, in the fourth quarter of 2015 the company tried two big things to get more people to use its social network. But neither was enough to offset the number of people who stopped using Twitter.