Why Opera Coast Surprised These Creative Folks With Kinetic Sand

As part of a marketing stunt for Opera Coast, 50 creative professionals who used iOS, were sent surprise packages of kinetic sand to help bring out the playfulness and spontaneity of the new browser


They say an empty mind is the devil’s workshop but not for those that run creative thoughts inside it. Creative minds are at their peak when idling away to glory. It is this very thought process that forms the base of the cool marketing stunt for Opera Coast browser called #OperaCoastSurprise.

The Norwegian web browser company took a fresh take on web browsing with the Opera Coast that debuted on the iPad last September, with no conventional address bar, forward and backward buttons or other features that have defined browsers for more than 20 years now. The TIME calls the Opera Coast as the browser that ‘makes sites feel like apps’. The browser now available for iPhones too, can enhance your browsing on touch-driven devices, thereby enabling more idle time in the day.

Opera India, in association with its digital agency 20:20MSL, pulled off a marketing stunt in order to reach out to the creative professionals in India, through this fun, unique and surprising campaign that got the message through.

Creative folks are well known to have cracked a big idea while wasting time instead of consciously working on it, so Opera Coast would be a great app for them to help them waste time well. The team sent a surprise package to 50 creative professionals in the country with a personal note to each of them. The people included artists, media & ad folks, an illusionist, musicians, entrepreneurs and other inspired individuals who used the iOS. While the surprise package contained ‘kinetic sand’, the personal note thanked them for what they did, while introducing them to the Opera Coast browser, and encouraging them to waste their time.

Kinetic sand has special properties that make the sand soft, stretchy and non-sticky, so you can make shapes with it on your desk without getting messy. The receivers discovered creative ways of wasting time with the kinetic sand. Their reactions were filmed and made into short videos where they share the experience of the #OperaCoastSurprise.

Understandably amused at this unconventional introduction to the browser, they enjoyed the combination of kinetic sand and Opera Coast, and went on to share their experiences on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Personalized marketing

The #OperaCoastSurprise campaign has been a fun and memorable way to introduce the Opera Coast to creative folks using iOS. The personalization further makes it a special one for the receivers - the chosen ones using Apple devices and also active sharers on social media. The campaign has ensured social sharing too as playful people are bound to share pictures of the surprise package, and help spread the message further.

Bringing in the connection of the new browser with kinetic sand, will undoubtedly appeal to the creatively inclined, and also help establish the Opera Coast as the playful, spontaneous app one must have on their iPhones. The #OperaCoastSurprise campaign has managed to reach out to its niche target segment with a personalized, memorable and playful approach that also got the message through.