Online Social Learning Platform LurnQ Partners With Plancess. Takes The $2 Billion Engineering Test Preparation Market Online

by Prasant Naidu on May 22, 2022

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LurnQ, the online social learning and teaching product from Technium Labs has announced its partnership with Plancess, India’s first company to provide study material for engineering entrance examinations prepared by top hundred IIT-JEE rankers.  The partnership will help Plancess to leverage LurnQ’s technology for running engineering test preparation courses online.


The engineering test preparation industry which is currently estimated at $2 Bn in revenues and growing at 15 - 20% CAGR (CLSA analyst report on Indian Education Sector) is going to witness an engaging experience from the LurnQ platform. The social learning platform that we have reviewed earlier stays away from being called as the Indian Quora. The platform’s simple features and its outcome driven learning model is going to help students. Subsequently, the adoption from the country for the online medium has been supportive. According to the latest facts, India is the second largest country participating in online courses offered by the likes of Coursera.

Tarun Mitra, the CEO and one of the co-founders at LurnQ had expressed the desire for LurnQ to unify the learning experience on the Internet, while talking to us about the startup, that has been backed by SeedFund. Sharing his thoughts on the latest partnership, he stated that the social functionality of LurnQ which helps in engaging users with multiple options to learn collaboratively, will give students the classroom experience making it a success.

Even Nitesh Salvi, Director and co-founder, Plancess believes that video teaching could be boring at times. Video lectures have been one of the ways how the company has been interacting with students for quite some time now. Now Nitesh feels that the student community needs to be engaged in more interactive ways and LurnQ’s ability to integrate media types like text, videos, documents, images, etc. into a single platform, will provide learners a unified experience by offering learning in a personalized and structured format.

With this partnership, LurnQ, in the true sense, is evolving into a future-ready learning platform that is interactive, driven by community and makes learning fun.

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