Once Upon A Vespa, #Win For Social Media

An article on how Once Upon A Vespa campaign is a #Win For Social Media

When an iconic scooter brand like Vespa launches in India, the setting had to be nothing less than a grand one. While the names ‘Vespa’ or ‘Piaggio’, the owners of Vespa might ring a few bells, it is largely an unknown brand in India. So perhaps the recently launched digital campaign ‘Once  Upon A Vespa’ might just be the right dose to educate Indians about the brand’s rich legacy.

‘Once  Upon A Vespa’ has been conceptualized and designed by OgilvyOne Worldwide in partnership with Meridian communications, and is designed to create a desire in the user to own this brand. I wanted to explore this one.

The awareness drive is mainly being driven through an interactive website, a Facebook and Twitter page. When I visited the brands Facebook timeline, I was absolutely mesmerized by its rich history. The first update is a black and white photograph of Enrico Piaggio (son of Founder, Rinaldo Piaggio) posing with the scooters, in 1943 in Italy. I also came to know that MP5 (Moto Piaggio 5), a prototype designed to offer low cost transportation, was actually nicknamed ‘Paperino’ (the Italian name for Donald Duck)!

You can carry on with on your timeline exploration; with every subsequent year, you can see the story of Vespa unfold before you.  I would suggest that you do this very carefully, as the clues/answers to the contest are hidden here and who knows you might win a trip to Italy or the Vespa itself!

Once upon a Vespa Interactive website
Once upon a Vespa Interactive website

The ‘Once Upon A Vespa’ contest primarily focuses on the brand’s origins, its impact in the world of two-wheelers and its influence on popular culture. The website is not only an interactive one but also quite appealing in its approach towards design, its message and its ability to fascinate.

The contest updates that can be seen on the Facebook wall, also take you to this interactive site; there is no separate contest app on Facebook. But you need to visit the Facebook timeline to get your answers, remember? This is certainly an innovative contest and successfully gets fans to start discovering the history of the brand in a fun way, rather than making them read a boring history lesson!

Once you visit the website, you have to rollover to explore the 8 sections on the displayed Vespa artwork. Each section relates to the various aspects of the brand; I started at the handle area called ‘Vespa Origins’. The other sections in the artwork are ‘The Symphony of Vespa’, ‘The Vespa Crowssword’, ‘Where Art Thou’, ‘Classic Inspiration’, ’ The Vespa Chronicles’, ‘Vespa A’la Cinema’ and ‘Poster De la Vespa’. The screenshot below is for ‘Where Art Thou, where you have to uncover the various Vespa models hidden in the illustration.

Where Art Thou

As you proceed to each section, you discover the Vespa and at the end, you really begin to crave for one, just like I did. So hurry up and start discovering as the contest closes on May 6. But do read the Terms & Conditions first.

So, does this contest work for me?

Without a doubt, it does! I must say the concept, design and method of communication here had me floored. It manages to not only intrigue but also tempt me to own a Vespa right away. Fans are likely to fall in love with its iconic image and rich heritage. This is not a typical Facebook campaign hungry for ‘likes’, this is a long term engagement strategy and community building exercise that goes way beyond ‘likes’ or fan counts.

Did you like the ‘Once Upon A Vespa’ Story? Are you aware of any iconic Indian brands doing the same? Go on and share what you have liked with us.