An Open Letter To @Bookadda

An Open Letter as an article To @Bookadda by its Facebook fan Vijeet Rathi

Dear Bookadda,

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I am one of your 50,000 Facebook fans, who has been really disappointed by the way you are treating your fans of late. Apart from that since I understand how Facebook promotional guidelines work, I am sorry to say that you are grossly ignoring them or probably your agency is unaware. In both the cases, it is really disappointing from a brand like yours.

If you recall on February 21, 2012, you started a contest on your Facebook wall. For a bookworm like me, it was an irresistible temptation. According to the contest, you would post a picture of certain authors and the fans like me would be required to guess them, mention all the books written by them and post it in the comments section underneath. As an alternative they could also post the author link from So it was a fairly simple contest. But was it?

1) You have a community of more than 50,000 fans and you are conducting the contest on the page wall and also announcing winners on the wall itself, which is against Facebook’s promotional guidelines. To know more about Facebook promotional guidelines, please click here. Also, you had not mentioned how the winner will be decided. So I considered the selection of the winner would be based upon luck!

2) On February 22, 2012, the day after the contest started, you announced the winner for the Day 1 contest. I was disappointed to find that I had not won the contest as usual even after being the second one to answer correctly in the proper format (Damn! Why are contests based upon luck?) Leaving that apart, my woes didn’t end there. So there was this guy, Prakhar Nigam, who won the contest. I was curious to know what and how he had answered it. But I was shocked to find that the contest winner, Prakhar Nigam had not even posted the answer in the comments section as was required and not even anywhere else as per my observation (Or is there any new Facebook privacy feature which I am not aware of :O).

Apart from violating the Facebook guidelines, it is apparent that you are indulging in unethical conduct. It is disheartening and outrageous from the participating fan’s point of view to witness such dishonest practice. I hope you take note of it and provide an explanation as to what made you announce a winner who did not even participate in the contest!

Yours Sadly,

Vijeet Rathi

P.S. This is a guest post from one of our readers, Vijeet Rathi.