On Its Eighth Birthday Twitter Lets You Find Your First Tweet

Celebrating its eighth birthday, Twitter has introduced the #FirstTweet Twitter tool that enables you to see your first tweet as well as other users' first tweet


Twitter is celebrating its eighth birthday. The 140 character network that started as simple 140-character bursts of plain text today has become a network of connection and revolution. Over the years we have seen how Twitter has evolved to become a medium of self-expression for the common man in very simple ways. Today from politicians to celebrities to brands, everyone appreciates the power of the medium and has adopted it.

With about a billion registered users, Twitter has thanked all of them on its birthday. To make the celebrations memorable Twitter has introduced #FirstTweet which allows you to go back in time and find your first tweet.

#FirstTweetNot just that, the Twitter tool also allows you to look for anyone’s first tweet. One needs to key in the Twitter handle and the first tweet would be displayed for you.

Good fun news from Twitter after the recent revelations that it might phase out the age old way of Twitter communication using @ symbol.