Omron’s ‘Tumhaari Amma’ Digital Film Focuses On Remarriage

Medical equipment maker, Omron has released a long digital film where a daughter reverses roles with her mother and finds a male companion for her

Anybody with aging parents would know how child-like they can become. Always concerned and anxious about their grown-up children but not bothered to take care of themselves at all. In a move to promote its home healthcare products, Omron India, the maker of medical equipment has released a long digital film featuring the brand’s BP Monitor, where a daughter reverses roles with her mother.

Titled ‘Tumhaari Amma’, the 6.46 minute film conceptualized by Dentsu Marcom, takes a slice out of the beautiful relationship between a city working daughter and her small town mother.

The digital film begins with the mother receiving a letter from her worried daughter, in which she’s been addressed as ‘beta’. The letter instructs her to not read any further, unless she checks her BP using the Omron BP monitor sent along with it, reasoning with ‘some things are good to know’. Next, she says to take her medicines if the BP is high.

Further on in the letter, she reveals that she has found a man and will bring him home for Diwali. Overjoyed, the mother asks for more, but is told to only wait till the festival. When the daughter finally arrives home, she brings with her a festive chunni and some green bangles, just like her mother (now beta) always wanted.

Surprised, the mother is seen asking a series of questions as to why is she being decked in festive clothes, when it is her daughter who needs to be decked up. The daughter reveals that the man waiting outside is actually for her, so her mother has a companion when the daughter’s not around.

When her mother questions her on why she didn’t reveal this earlier, she says with the BP monitor is in her hands: ‘some things are good to know, some things are not’. She goes on to introduce her mother as her daughter to the waiting man.

The film then shows the backstory of how the daughter went about choosing the man, starting with an ad on a matchmaking portal.

Storytelling for the digital age

The digital film scores not only in storytelling but also in finding a connect with the new age millennial. Omron’s branding has been very subtle all throughout the long format film. The brand’s BP monitor blends smoothly inside the storyline while the focus is only on the central theme - how young people need to take care of their aging parents. Moreover, the idea of the brand acting as an enabler for those who want to ‘mother’ their parents, is not a preachy one. It is powered with an emotion-packed story making it worthwhile to share with social connections.

But, best of all, ‘Tumhaari Amma’ broaches an important social issue that of ‘remarriage’ of a single woman. In a society where all joys of life are snatched away from widowed women, Omron’s bold film encourages it, lovingly, through a caring daughter.

The ‘Remarriage’ theme in a brand film is an old one, however. Back in 2013, jewellery brand Tanishq created a massive social media buzz, going against society stereotypes by featuring the second marriage of a dusky bride, who is the mother of a little girl. Tanishq stole headlines everywhere for its bold, pro-women film, while ad observers informed the world that Femina women’s magazine had also broached upon ‘remarriage’ in its ad film launched years ago.

Long format brand films have invaded digital this year, with many brands ranging from insurance to FMCG cashing in on the power of a 4-7 minute brand story. Besides being a relevant medium to reach out to the ever-on digital audiences, long format films provide the time and social space for a brand to build its own story, and become a part of consumer conversations.