#PuranaJayegaNayaAyega: OLX Wants Indians To Create New Opportunities By Getting Rid Of The Old

OLX India has rolled out 'Purana Jayega Naya Ayega' in a bid to appeal more Indians to use the used goods marketplace. and make their lives better. Digital has been building conversations around the idea.

Earlier in the year, Argentina-based online classifieds site OLX issued a study on the used goods market in India. India, one of the largest markets in terms of page views for OLX, revealed urban families in the country are estimated to have Rs 56,200 crore worth of used goods like clothing, utensils and books. The survey said the estimated market for used goods was Rs 22,000 crore last year.

Based on these market insights, the marketing communication so far in 2015 for OLX has revolved around getting rid of used goods for a better life. “The central thought behind ‘let the old make way for the new’ is that change leads to progress. Only when you let go of the old, you create opportunity for new things to happen in life,” said Amarjit Singh Batra, CEO, OLX India.

In May, the brand brought back popular actor known for his humor Kapil Sharma for their campaign ‘Shaadi Ke Funde’- Just Married. The videos take a funny stand on how the overdose of wedding gifts end up becoming used-less.

In fact OLX had introduced Kapil last year to reiterate that anything can be sold on OLX. Back then the brand communication was around its popular tagline ‘Bech de’. Created by Lowe Lintas, the campaign highlights the ease with which one can sell anything on OLX.

#PuranaJayegaNayaAyega - Let the Old Make Way for the New

Today the site is no longer associated with only selling of old things, but has become more personal and hence the new campaign around the theme - ‘Let the Old Make Way for the New’ or ‘Purana Jayega Toh Naya Ayega’. The inspiration of the campaign is based on our habit of stacking stuff at home which we might not be using. It is only by letting go of the old that you make way for the new. In fact it is the extension of the “Shaadi Ke Funde”campaigns.

To reach out to the Hindi speaking audience, OLX has once again placed its trust on Kapil. Conceived by Lowe Lintas, the TVC featuring Kapil Sharma depicts a man literally stuck to his used car. Kapil, portraying the role of a security-guard, explains that he has been long stuck to it, refusing to let go. The man explains that it was his first car, and he doesn’t know what to do with it. Urging him to move on, Kapil takes the man’s phone out, clicks a photo of the car, and uploads it on OLX. Buyers start calling right away, and the car gets sold. The man is seen getting unstuck to his car, and upgrading to a bigger one. In his quintessential tongue-in-cheek style Kapil Sharma concludes - “No chipkoing, kyunki Purana Jayega Toh Naya Ayega.”

In addition to this OLX has gone one step ahead in connecting with the regional audiences. Rather than recreating Kapil’s TVC in various regional languages, the brand has roped in influential celebrities to convey the brand message in Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and Bengali. “We are not just a local brand, we are a hyper-local brand, built by Indians and for Indians. This reflects in our marketing. We were the first internet company to make regional campaigns in local languages with regional celebrities using colloquial sensibilities and references,” said Amarjit.

For instance the below Tamil movie actor Dhanush demonstrates that it’s not necessary to adjust with unfavorable circumstances. Highlighting the beautiful relationship between father and son, the film depicts Dhanush helping his family upgrade to a bigger family car by easily selling the old one on OLX via the mobile app. The video uploaded a week ago has clocked 130K views.

Similarly in another OLX video we witness Bengali celebrity Mir Afsar Ali motivating the owner of an old car to sell it on OLX and upgrade to a new one. As Mir says, purana jayega, toh naya ayega. Uploaded a week ago the video has more than 94K views.

Digital integration of #‎PuranaJayegaNayaAyega

On social media apart from sharing the videos, the brand has embarked the route of sharing interesting visuals laced with content to spread the mainline message - ‪#‎PuranaJayegaNayaAyega.

In addition to this, the brand has also integrated contests on Facebook and Twitter to motivate fans.

Opportunity for new things

OLX hopes that the new marketing campaign becomes both an incentive for people to let go and upgrade through OLX. Approaching local audiences with their celebrities will only give the company a wider reach. Embedding the philosophy of transacting via a smartphone not only creates awareness for the app but also strengthens the mobile-only culture in a country which is the fastest growing smartphone country in Asia.

Social media has been integrated to extend the mainline marketing message which is evident with major spends on TV.

People have been selling everything from household items to cars on OLX but with this new marketing message OLX wants to be a brand that is bringing change and creating an opportunity for new things to happen in life. “OLX is not for people who need money and are therefore selling things or for those who don’t have the budget so are purchasing old things. It is basically a convenient way to make your life better,” Amer Jaleel, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas said.