Online Classifieds Site OLX Says #LetWhatYouLoveLive

OLX has launched a new campaign titled ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuch Keemti Bhi' focusing on the real value provided in the online classifieds platform - connecting buyers and sellers over a shared passion


Our material possessions have a value of their own which is beyond money. There is a little bit of us in everything we buy and keep. Our forgotten passions, fulfilled and unfulfilled dreams, and a large dosage of nostalgia. The only way we can do justice to what we love is by letting it live even after we have moved on. This is the new insight driving the OLX campaign, ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuch Keemti Bhi’.

For the popular online classifieds platform where buyers meet sellers, this is a new turn to its very popular ‘Bech de’ proposition. With ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuch Keemti Bhi’, OLX India wants to instil a sense of respect for used possessions in both the buyers and sellers, after realising that OLX users liked the direct human interaction that the online platform provided.

Two TVCs form the heart of the campaign – ‘Car bechi Dost paya’ and ‘#Letwhatyoulovelive – The cricket Bat’. Created by Lowe Lintas, the first ad has been directed by film director Homi Adajania featuring actress Shefali Chhaya playing a middle aged lady looking to buy a used jeep from a middle aged man, where both share a common love for the jeep. In what comes across as flirting, we see the beginning of a new friendship between the man and woman, based on their memories associated with the used good – the jeep in this case.

The second film – a longer one at 4 minutes – is an endearing one focused around cricket. A guy who loves cricket and has big dreams for the game, happens to watch his dad one day and realises his place is in the family marble business. Unable to fulfil his cricket passion, he is seen frustrated in the marble factory, often carrying his bat around.

The next scene moves on to a cricket stadium where a young batsman is hitting really well with his bat. The story then highlights what had happened in between – the bat was sold to the young batsman along with a little of the guy’s dreams. The batsman is seen thanking the guy for his bat while the tagline goes, ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuch Keemti Bhi’. Next appears the hashtag ‘#Letwhatyoulovelive’.

While the first ad uploaded on the OLX YouTube channel raked in more than 2K views, the cricket film has earned more than 245K views in 10 days of being uploaded. This despite the film being a longer one of nearly 4 minutes!

Social buzz

The campaign idea has been extended on digital too with the help of social media contests. In addition to sharing the ad films, the Facebook and Twitter pages of OLX India have been driving views to the ad videos by weaving in contests related to the ad. Users are also being mobilized about the memories and passions associated with a particular used product.

Taking a higher ground

When online furniture companies are highlighting the vital role played by our favourite furniture in the journey of our lives, why should an online classifieds site not place a deeper value to the things we sell off. Most brands are following the norm of associating an emotional aspect to their product in addition to its functional role, be it a piece of old furniture or a used car. This immediately values the used product at a much higher level than it really is. Buying a used car is way less cool than buying a ‘My Dad’s First car’ from a passionate seller!

With ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuch Keemti Bhi”, OLX has taken a higher ground in the online classifieds space. It connects the buyer and seller at a more honest, friendly interaction, something that is beyond monetary transactions. The campaign would need to be carried out extensively for the earlier ‘Bech De’ communication to be erased from consumers’ minds. For the pioneer of online classifieds in the country, this would be a tough task but it is striving hard to build the new emotional communication around #Letwhatyoulovelive.