OLX India Now Woos Buyers With ‘Khareed Le’

Online marketplace for used goods, OLX India is now targeting buyers in 'Khareed le' where it's encouraging buyers to not delay their buying decisions and get on with their lives right now

One of India’s biggest online marketplace for used goods in India, OLX India is now out to woo buyers to its platform. The brand has always been synonymous with selling in India and is now quite popular with its ‘Bech De’ proposition. Now with a view to bring balance into the marketplace, OLX India has launched ‘Khareed Le’, a buyer-targeted campaign.

A set of two TVCs have been conceptualized by Lowe Lintas around the action-oriented theme, ‘‘Kal kare so aaj kar, OLX pe khareed kar‘.

In ‘Start up nahi, start ab’, two aspiring young guys are seen discussing all their requirements for starting up their business idea. Upon making the final calculations, one of them is quite upset with the amount, as its way beyond their means. He states that it would take the duo a year to collect that fund, but the other guy is impatient and does not believe in waiting for a year to start up.

He suggests buying used goods from OLX instead, and they end up with all their requirements for starting up. The two are seen content with their new set up, while the voiceover ends with ‘‘Kal kare so aaj kar, OLX pe khareed kar‘.


In ‘Friends ke saath life set kar’, a newly-married couple Rahul and Anisha enter their new home to discover that it has been nicely furnished by their friends. The worried bridegroom looks at his friends with a question mark. One of them reassures him with ‘so what if your parents couldn’t be there, we are’. They explain how they bought everything from OLX with a decent contribution from each of them.


The brand has been promoting its new thought ‘‘Kal kare so aaj kar’ on its social media properties, with a set of questions that would make its potential consumers think. OLX has been getting people to think about why they want to buy something right away.

Bech de plus khareed le equals complete marketplace

It is vital for a marketplace to have an equal number of buyers and sellers for the platform to thrive smoothly. The rising ecommerce economy in India is also an indicator that Indian consumers are more than ready to buy virtually. And most would be willing to buy used goods and get on with their lives. OLX India’s ‘Khareed le’ is a timely proposition to tap into this set of consumers.

Explaining why OLX is the most valuable marketplace for online buyers, Amarjit Singh Batra, CEO, OLX India said, “We have 70% unique content on OLX implying that 70% of the products listed on our platform will be found only on OLX, and no other platform. In addition to this, 100% of the ad content on OLX is user-generated, and 90% of the users coming to OLX are posting in consumer-to-consumer (C2C) categories, ensuring superior quality of listings”.

The TVCs rightly drive home the point of not delaying buying decisions and starting up new ventures, be it a marriage or a new business, it is better to start up with whatever is possible, while showcasing OLX as a solution. ‘Khareed le’ is well targeted with relevant communication targeted at the youth demographic.