OLX #Daastaan Hopes To Reunite Memories With Their Owners This Independence Day

OLX India has launched #Daastaan, a social media led initiative that will help the brand reunite owners across India and Pakistan with their belongings left behind during Independence

OLX Daastaan

Things we possess also bond us with emotions. They have the ability to take us back in time and flood our minds with fond memories of the people who gifted it to us or the ones we shared them with. And who better to capitalize on that than an online marketplace for used goods?

OLX India, one of India’s largest online marketplace for used goods, has launched a very well-timed campaign called #Daastaan, ahead of the Independence Day of two nations separated at birth – India and Pakistan. The midnight of August 14th 1947 might have separated the two countries forever but it failed to cut off the memories of the many displaced families. Families carried with them whatever little possessions they could. Even today family members lay scattered on either side of the border, with many wanting to know what happened with their favourite belongings.

#Daastaan is a social media led initiative by OLX India to bring back those lost memories. The brand will help search for belongings with the help of stories, pictures and the hashtag #TimelessStories.

OLX is inviting people to share stories and memories of belongings that were left behind through a Facebook post. So if you have a relative or know anyone who migrated to India and had to leave behind any of their belongings, then share their story in the comment section of the post.

You need to share the story of that one thing or object that they wished they could have brought with them and why it means a lot to them using this hashtag #TimelessStories. If possible, attach a picture of the said item along with as much information as you have of its whereabouts.


The beauty of the campaign - conceptualized by Leo Burnett - is the wealth of poetry in the copy. Each visual containing portraits of people and long lost possessions is accompanied by verses that are sure to move you.

A 3-minute digital film has also been created for the initiative. It tells the story of Ram Prakash Khullar who gets reunited with his father’s camera through Daastaan #TimelessStories.

Timely. Shareable. #SocialMediaWin

OLX has a winner in #Daastaan this Independence Day. Looking at Independence Day not as the separation of families across borders, but the separation of a billion memories from its owners, is a brilliant take from the online marketplace. While other Indian brands have only started with their Independence Day campaigns asking people to salute our soldiers or express our gratitude towards those who fought for our freedom, OLX India and Leo Burnett have nailed it with #Daastaan.

With memories and stories hashtagged #TimelessStories, OLX is further establishing its evolved brand philosophy - “Keemat Bhi, Kuch Keemti Bhi”. Ever since the online marketplace revamped with this new philosophy, OLX has been instilling a sense of respect for used possessions, mainly through storytelling. Read Online Classifieds Site OLX Says #LetWhatYouLoveLive.

#Daastaan captures the pain of a million families in its visual portraits and beautiful poetry, evoking the right emotion in a viewer. Brilliant concept meets storytelling and the power of social media.