Old Spice India Launches Milind Soman As The Mantastic Man

Old Spice has launched a new commercial ‘Mantastic Man’ featuring Milind Soman, on the lines of the popular ad with Isaiah Mustafa that went viral

As far as male deodorant ads go, all brands end up harping on the same message. The new Old Spice commercial ‘Mantastic Man’ featuring Milind Soman, the country’s first super male model has also followed suit with its ‘Smell Mantastic’ campaign promotions. The latest ad bombarded many times over to us on the YouTube masthead featured a shirtless Milind seated on a throne. The text beside read ‘Dear Internet, I’m here!” Who wouldn’t click to expand? I did and what I saw is completely out of this world. Please be forewarned!

Seated on a throne in his richly embellished fort, in just a towel and a gold neckpiece that read ‘Man’, Milind talks about how he realized what it takes to be a real man. Not gelled hair or a sexy chest, nor Polo Championship trophies or membership from the principal adviser at the Principality of Monaco, but only an Old Spice deodorant made him a real man.

The ad does have a woman referred as his ‘sweetheart’ who brings him the deodorant bottle hanging on a remote-controlled toy helicopter. It ends with enlightening the viewer that Old Spice is the secret to smelling mantastic and refined. One just cannot keep a straight face when he describes the ingredients – propylene, glycerine and a combination of several sophisticated and complicated ingredients!

Mantastic Man shares a similarity in approach with the Old Spice commercials that popularized actor Isaiah Mustafa as that “guy from the Old Spice TVC” telling us ladies about ‘The man your man could smell like’. Launched three years back, that quirky video spread like an online forest on fire, ushering in a new term called ‘virality’ into marketing jargon. Ever since marketing chiefs are in search of that elusive formula for a viral video.

The 76 seconds long Milind’s Mantastic Man video has garnered 720K views and while the stats for the video have been disabled, we can see that it has received 576 likes as opposed to 392 dislikes. Which means for every 3 viewers who like it, there are 2 who don’t and we can see why. The video commercial has been shared on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages, but these are just the early days of introducing the new face of the brand.

It would be interesting to watch the further promotions for Mantastic Man.