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by Prasant Naidu on July 16, 2022

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Today masses are ready to pay value for good service. Businesses who can tap this message really become a darling in the customer’s eyes and move ahead to grow big. Olacabs, India’s first car rental and cab services aggregator has a similar story. Founded and launched in December 2010 by 2 IIT Bombay graduates, Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. Olacabs not only has a brilliant idea that won some hot funding but is also eagerly establishing it’s footprints on Social Media. To understand their presence, you need to have a look at their Facebook and Twitter community. Along with building a strong community on Social Networks, Olacabs has also invested quality time on their Blog.

Olacabs Social Media Engagement

Facebook: Olacabs has a decent presence on India’s most popular social network, Facebook. The welcome page is innovative enough to attract customers. It also provides a small discount on your travel journey if you like the page!  With close to 100 people liking the fan page, Olacabs are trying their best to make the community a happening one. It is sharing rich content that is being liked and motivating fans to share their thoughts, as you can see in one of the threads:

Facebook Engagement

Nevertheless, Olacabs can make some changes to have a flourishing Facebook community.


  • The landing page is cool but could be more exciting. Landing page is a welcome page for users so one should take care to make it delicious.
  • Can work on the display image as you can cover 180*540 area on the display picture. Your display picture with your logo can be a neat online visiting card too.
  • Need more constant engagement and acknowledge your community’s presence.
  • The content shared needs to have variety and should be helpful for your community. You can ask fans to share good or bad experiences on the wall. This will ensure that you are real and ready to listen on social platforms.
  • Start discussions, ask questions, create polls, appreciate your community, etc. are some of the things that Olacab can try out. Social Media is all about experimentation.

Twitter: Olacabs Twitter page is quite exciting. Olacabs with 54 Followers are packaging their 140 words with charm. Communicating with fellow twitteraties is there as seen below:

The content that is being shared is helpful to the community and even the community is sharing success story of Olacabs. Though one needs to do some more engagement, some of the tips could be helpful.


  • Twitter demands more constant Twitter engagement.
  • The Twitter display picture and background should be in sync.
  • Less of own accomplishments but more of sharing content that could attract more people to your community.
  • Engage more, talk to people directly, stop auto DM’s and don’t schedule too many auto messages. In other words, be real on Twitter and engage with your community.
  • Twitter could also be a point of solution for customer enquiries and grievances if managed well.

Blog: Blogs are the most unattractive thing that is perceived in today’s social world as it requires a lot of hard work. Regularly updating it, maintaining it and creating variety of content makes life tough for Bloggers but that’s the challenge too and Olacabs is excelling here. Amazing neat blog on Posterous which also has the required widgets and the social sharing buttons placed at the right place.


  • The blog is amazing but needs more continuous updates.
  • Why do you have a separate articles section on the website? Why not club with the blog and make it more meaningful?

Startups like Olacabs embracing Social Media is a need in today’s world creating the much needed product awareness and building an online brand. Olacabs definitely is doing a great work but need more continuous effort to hit the right chords of Social Media.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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