Wish Your Facebook Friends With Customized Post Card Wishes On This Durga Puja Courtesy Oh! Calcutta

Restaurant chain Oh! Calcutta is giving its fans a chance to send customised post card wishes to their Facebook friends on this Durga Puja. The brand will deliver the post cards.


The festival season in the country is already in full swing. The western parts of the country especially the Gujarati community and some other communities are busy celebrating Navratri - a nine day festival that is about worshiping the nine forms of Shakti/Devi Durga. Meanwhile the Bengali Hindu community is also celebrating their biggest festival of the year ‘Durga Puja‘ which also involves the worship of goddess Durga for six days.

Today the six day festival is not only about worshiping the goddess but also about having fun and bonding with family. To make the celebration more personal this year, Oh! Calcutta the restaurant chain in the country which is famous for its diverse range of offerings from Calcutta, is trying to connect fans on Facebook with their near and dear ones during the festival time.

Oh! Calcutta Facebook app – Shubho Bijoya

Oh! Calcutta, which has more than 21K fans on Facebook, has launched a Facebook app – Shubho Bijoya where fans can wish their Facebook friends on the occasion of Bijoya or Vijayadashmi or Dusherra, the last day of the festival. The personal messages will be delivered via post to the given address courtesy Oh! Calcutta.

The app works only if you are a fan of the page, which means that you need to like the page before you move any further. Once the authentication is over, you see the below screen.

The app takes all the details along with the message and then allows you to select a nice image for the postcard from a given selection. A fan can also upload her image. Once satisfied you can preview the post card and submit if no further change is required. The customized post card would be delivered to your friend. One can send as many postcard wishes he or she wants to and Oh! Calcutta promises to take care of the delivery.

Does ‘Shubho Bijoya’ initiative connect with fans?

The objective of the brand is to be a part of the celebrations of its fans. The idea of delivering wishes via a customised post card is simple and connects with fans. We all love wishing our friends but in today’s times we prefer it over the mobile or Facebook. Gone are those days when friends use to share their joy over a post card. Oh! Calcutta is trying to bring back that same old days and for a restaurant that brings you Calcutta’s authentic cuisine, the brand has rightly connected on the occasion of Durga Puja.

The Facebook page is also pushing the app to its community while it is updating about the ongoing festival. Would have loved if the page could have shared some more updates about the festival from different places. Crowdsourcing content from its fans about the ongoing festival would have been a smart move along with some incentives for the cool entries.

Post by Oh! Calcutta.

Though the idea is not a new one, the execution has been decent. The app had no hiccups and is well designed without giving any pain. The collection of the images is good and the embedding of authentic celebration music during the puja is the icing on the cake for the app. If you don’t like the music, you can either reduce the volume or switch it off. I preferred playing for quite some time as it reminded me of my childhood and the puja celebrations in my society.

The font could be made more readable while entering the details but nevertheless it is a perfect app that does the job neatly.

VijayaDashmi is on Sunday and if you want to wish any of your friends from the comfort of Facebook then this is it. Go for it and make someone happy like I did. Shubho Bijoya!