@Offline-An Online App To Connect Offline

@Offline-An Online App To Connect Offline

Calling up each friend and asking for a coffee or a lunch is cumbersome and might get really bad if someone drops at the last moment and you don’t have words to express it. Well @Offline is a nice and simple app that solves your problem. It’s an easy way to plan and catch up your offline friend’s in your area. You must be thinking that its one more event app with location. Yes it is an event app but it has some real potential to change the way we look at planning of events and that too with a social touch.

[email protected] Works

You can simply login by your Twitter a/c or a Facebook account. That’s a simple way without creating any problems for the user. @Offline, great to see that you don’t have those old boring forms.

@Offline-Log In

Once you log in, you are presented with a clean and simple look. Need to appreciate that the creators have kept the look of the app really simple for users.

@Offline-Main Page

Box1: This is a section that allows you to invite your friends on @offline. So before you plan your events, it’s better to start inviting them. You can invite your Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. friends to @Offline for having fun.

Box2: You need to enter your plan in -‘What do you want to do today’ and specify your ‘Where’- which is your location and ‘When’- the time. This is really a simple way of planning and also allows you the flexibility of customizing your plan. Once you save your plan, you have the choice to comment and these comments would be visible to all your friends if you have selected the visibility flag. Comments are allowed for people who are joining the event. So ideally, if you have secret plans then better uncheck the visible flag while creating the plan.

Box3: This section shows the archive of the plans that you have created and if you want to edit any of the plans then you can very well do it. If you want to change the plan, edit friends, block some friend, don’t want to be published on Facebook, etc. everything can be done. @Offline gives you full flexibility for your plan and its settings.

Edit a Plan

Box4: ‘Similar Plans’ is a feature that is provided by the app like a suggestion for you. So once you log in the app, it looks for all the plans of your friends. If one of your friend is going out for lunch on Saturday afternoon and even you want to go, so a better idea would be merging the plans. This feature is shown to you but the onus is on you to decide.

The way offline works now is via website but things would be really exciting when the creators make a mobile app. The planning would be real fun with mobile integration and if they can tie up with restaurants and outlets then the scope of the app could be really big. Local language and an app that works on feature phones will definitely add brownie points!

What do you think? Do you like the idea of connecting with offline friend’s like this or calling them up is your way.