Office 365 Aims To Dominate The Cloud ‘Like A Boss’ Through Social Media

A look at the social media campaign by Microsoft's Office 365 that aims to create awareness amongst the young professionals active on social media with contests, stories, etc.


Office 365, touted to be your complete office in the cloud, has been quite active on social media of late. The enhanced product from Microsoft gives you virtual access to the Microsoft Office tools you have been working with since long and that too from any device, making it easier to communicate and collaborate with others. So much so that Office 365 can empower you to work ‘like a boss’!

And for Office 365, Microsoft India is all set to embark on a social media route to tap the young professionals or small business owners that are active on social platforms these days.

Office 365 #SorryBoss on Twitter

A few days back, the technology major launched a generic Twitter contest from the Microsoft Office 365 India Twitter handle. Participants were invited to tweet the lamest excuses they’ve used around their workplace – whether it be for not showing up to work, or missing a deadline or skipping out on an important meeting. One had to follow the Office365 handle and also use the hashtag #SorryBoss to be eligible.

At the same time, the Twitter handle talked about product features and ‘did you know’ posts to overcome these excuses. The most retweeted excuse was gratified with a Windows Phone - Nokia 620. The 3-day Twitter campaign saw #SorryBoss trending in the top 10 Twitter trends list and also helped the Twitter handle grow its follower base by 100%. From 168 followers at the beginning, it jumped to 344 towards the end of the campaign!

Office 365 ‘Completely Boss’ on Facebook

The ‘Completely boss’ Facebook app uses story-telling to explain the benefits of using Office 365 in today’s fast paced world with its increasing demands. The graphics personify an employee, his boss, the boss’s wife, the employee’s air hostess girlfriend and a pilot, who are all connected to each other through their hectic lives. The interactive app lets the user select what choices should be made by each of the characters, while the narration is on.

The app takes permission to access your details and friends’ list and also whether to post on your behalf, at the time of initialisation. Once you give the permissions, you are welcomed to the story, with a male voice narrating the scenes. The app also pulls up your friends at random during the story. At the end of the story, you are enlightened by the features of Office 365 and how it helped the characters handle tough situations ‘like a boss’!


Office 365 blogger outreach

Last month, Microsoft India partnered with Indiblogger, an Indian bloggers community for an Office 365 blogger meet at New Delhi. A contest was also weaved in where bloggers could share their experience about the product and what they had learnt about it on their blogs. The first best blog post won a Microsoft Windows Phone - Nokia Lumia 920 and the second best blog post won a Microsoft Windows Phone - Nokia Lumia 800!

Bloggers had to use story-telling to talk about a business that they’d like to run and how’d they use Office 365 to transform their business. It could be a fashion store, a studio, a mobile apps company or just about anything that needed a transformation.

Office 365 has it all covered

With the increasing invasion in cloud based services, and small business owners quite satisfied with virtual anywhere access to their Google docs, the fight for more subscriptions on the cloud has risen. The social media efforts by Office 365 do make an impact in creating awareness, however the significance of that impact can only be aided through live product demos.

Office 365 has it all covered by engaging with different kinds of people across the range of popular social networks. It is refreshing to see a story-telling approach on social media as opposed to a content strategy that is full of tech jargon. Emphasising on the ‘work like a boss’, works like a charm in the entire communication campaign for Office 365. Moreover, the concept for every platform has varied as per its nature and scope. From #sorryboss on Twitter to ‘Completely Boss’ on Facebook and the meet with bloggers, Office 365 has managed to create a formidable and engaging presence on social media.

But, the one thing they could do as part  of this campaign is to also grow their Facebook community just as the Twitter one, by letting fans to ‘like’ the ‘completely boss’ app on Facebook, before proceeding to interact with it.

Do the Office 365 social media efforts appeal to you? Don’t forget to share what you think about it.